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I’m a huge fan of powder kohls. I use them most days in fact, I find that full make up doesn’t look complete without it and I find it super quick and effective when I’m wearing much less make up, a dash of powder kohl and mascara and off I go. It’s a super quick, very long wearing way to get a tight-lined look (both the upper and lower waterline lined), very quickly. I find that it adds depth and intensity to the eyes (depending on the shade used).

However, I can see why some people are daunted at the prospect of using them, powder and stick, it doesn’t sound the easiest way of applying make up, but it’s an absolutely ancient form of applying make up, thousands and thousands of years old, and can’t have lasted this long if it was too tricky for people to master. More on the application in a bit.

Until recently I have only owned Guerlain’s versions of powder kohl and in fact I am very happy with them, wanting to add a few more shades to my collection!

P1170073I have Noir (black), Secret Glow (a lighly shimmering cream shade), Oriental Metal (taupe) and Bleu. I also used to own a pale blue. In all honesty I will probably throw away the cream one as I don’t love the pale shades, the browns and darks are most definitely where it’s at! The Guerlain Kohls last all day on me, quite often they are still there after I’ve washed my face in the evening. They are quite literally that good. The packaging is beautiful too, glorious little vials with golden tops. However, these little vials are £25 each. Worth every penny to me.

Recently I was browsing Fragrance Direct when I spotted a much cheaper product by Turkish brand Sheida so I added one to my order, opting for grey. At £8.50 it was  certainly worth trying to see how they compare to my usuals!


P1170068Really nice looking packaging, if a little cheap feeling, but that doesn’t really bother me. I was however disappointed with the colour which turned out to be more silver and pale than the grey I had hoped for.

P1170072I wasn’t overly concerned though because if it performed well, there are another 7 shades I can try out in future.

Right in terms of application, Sheida kindly include instructions.

P1170069 Essentially though, you get a wooden stick dipped in powder, place it on your bottom waterline, close your eyes and gently draw the stick along the entire waterline. When you open your eyes, voila, both top and bottom are lined. Once you’ve had a practice you’ll find you can do this with ease and it takes seconds.

Both Guerlain and Sheida sticks are the same, so in terms of application, there’s no difference (Guerlain top, Sheida bottom).



The Sheida Kohl swatches really well too, here it is in comparison to the Guerlain kohls (Sheida on the left).

P1170076Because it wasn’t the colour I was hoping for I didn’t especially love how it looked on, I like it to darken my eyes and make my eyes look exotic, this however was very subtle.


P1170088I did however want to show you the following shot of my eye looking a bit scary, just to show you how well it lines both top and bottom waterlines.



In terms of wear, it didn’t last as long as my Guerlain kohls, but it did a good 8 hours with ease. Given that, I think I’d be happy to try another Sheida shade but I’ll have to find better colour swatches before I buy so I don’t end up buying another shade I won’t actually wear! I think for black I wouldn’t stray from Guerlain, but otherwise, I’d be happy to try, for such a huge price difference its got to be worth it.

I have bought my Guerlain Kohls from various retailers over the years (some shades are now discontinued), but I bought the Sheida Kohl Powder Eyeliner from Fragrance Direct.


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