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In case you live in a bubble and have sadly missed my many updates, it is my birthday tomorrow.

As a special treat my sister came down for the day and took me out for lunch and for shopping. It’s the first time I’ve ever left Lola for any length of time, and I didn’t know myself. Really! Anyway, we had a lovely lunch sat outdoors on the Cathedral Green at Michael Caine’s Brasserie and it was lovely and then we went off in search for a pressie.  I showed her (amongst many other things) a Chanel quad I was in love with, which sadly was out of stock (Garden Party if you’re interested), I really need it, it’s stunning. Instead we left with my second choice of the Murano quad. It’s very lovely, a dark grey/black, a teal, a light light grey/turquoise and a pink. It’s very lovely. If anyone finds Garden Party though I’d love it, none of my local stores had it and I can’t find it online either. Anyway, aside from that, I got another Guerlain Kohl in the post this morning. The discontinued Secret Glow. It’s a beautiful pearly cream gold and really shows up beautifully on my waterline. All in all a very satisfactory day!

Pics & Swatches!

Chanel MuranoChanel Murano

The kohl swatch is on the very left.

Happy Days. Hope you are all having a nice time in this fab weather!

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  1. Y says:

    Wow! I love the Guerlain kohl!

  2. Charlie says:

    It’s really gorgeous!

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