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I can’t move for fabulous skincare at the moment! This a great thing as I’m making a big effort to move away from sciency clever expensive products and back to the more basic but effective products.

Pukka Ayurveda

Got to just say how much I love the outer packaging! It’s really very appealing.

Anyway, Pukka Ayurveda is a range of naturally active organic skincare, based around Ayurveda, an ancient Indian philosophy of heath and wellbeing which advocates skin detoxification and nutrient replenishment. So there’s lots of plant extracts and Ayurvedic herbs, beautiful oils, juices and butters and so on. All are organically certified, everything comes from sustainable sources and there are no petrochemicals.
Pukka Ayurveda

I want to talk about the Firming Face Oil first of all. It’s firming, which means it’s for mature skins… I think that’s me, or at least I’m not far off it!  There’s rosehip and starflower for plumping and tone enhancing and arnica and neroli to rejuvenate and protect. What a beautiful oil! It’s stunningly scented with  neroli and petitgrain. You just apply before or instead of moisturising. It’s an oil so a little goes a long way, don’t go mad, but it feels incredible and smells divine. Highly recommend. This is £34.20.

The other item I’ve been trying out is the Radiance Serum. Not what I was expecting at all, and unlike any other radiance product I’ve tried before. Its like a runny gel, more than an oil or usual serum. It disappears into the skin leaving not a touch of stickiness.  It’s made with aloe vera and manuka honey to soothe and refresh and Gotu kola (no clue!) and lemon balm to tone and brighten, it’s very gently scented with sandalwood but I think I can sniff the Lemon balm too. I use it every day under my moisturiser and I swear I do look a bit brighter! It’s suitable for all skin types and it’s gorgeous! This one is £28.80.

They are both available from the Pukka website. The website itself is to be particularly recommended, every ingredient is listed and there’s a fantastic FAQ section as well as a wealth of other information.

Beautiful stuff.

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  1. Vanessa says:

    I’m HUGE into oils right now. I wrote an article recently on a DIY oil cleanse I experimented with and which I absolutely love now.

    Who would have thought that by washing your face with oil, you help your skin produce less of it!

    I’m going to give this serum a go and write up my own review.

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