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Perricone MD Blue Plasma

For many years I’ve been avoiding Perricone MD products. I won’t go into why but lets just say it wasn’t based on experience and I’ve learned my lesson.

Blue Plasma is taking the beauty world by storm and I wanted to find out what was so amazing about it. Okay so to tell you briefly what it is, Blue Plasma is a a non-acidic daily peel. You use it daily after cleansing and toning but before serum and moisturiser, either morning or evening and it should have several effects. Firstly it peels dead skin cells, and please note, dead skin cells only, secondly it extracts surface debris, purifying as it goes and thirdly it hydrates.  It does all of this without being abrasive or harsh. It’s suitable for ALL skin types, including sensitive and it was that fact that persuaded me to add it to my finely tuned regime, after all the effort I’ve put into clearing up my spots, last thing I want to do is get it back again.

Effects you should expect to see with regular use are resurfaced skin, luminosity, radiance and clarity, improved light reflectivity, softness and smoothness and plumpness of lines and wrinkles along with reduction of pore size.

I’m not going to go into all the active ingredients and get all sciency on you because I don’t understand them and my main focus for a product is whether it works or not but I will say that the bio-specific agent is Salmon Egg Enzyme, that is the ingredient responsible for peeling away dead skin cells only. Alaskan salmon fishermen have noted that their hands are softer and smoother after fishing…(Alaskan Journal of Commerce) so why not apply that to the facial skin. Clearly I don’t mean we should all be rubbing our faces with a nice fresh Salmon but you know, that nice Dr Perricone has made a lovely product so we don’t have to!

So, this leads me to my one and only negative point about this product. It does smell of fish. Yep, it does. It’s a light fishy scent and it’s one that doesn’t linger on the skin at all. Put it this way, when I use it at night, get into bed, and my husband comes in ten minutes later, he’s never once noticed it. And I did ask! Really you only have to endure the scent while you apply. Then its gone.

So that bit out of the way, this is a light, blue liquid, it goes into the skin quickly, leaves the skin immediately feeling soft but you can’t sense any product on the skin once applied, which is a good thing. I hate feeling I’m layering products onto my spot prone skin. As soon as this is on it’s absorbed or dried, whichever it does!

Perricone MD Blue Plasma

So given the state my skin has been in for the last year and the effort and upset theres been trying to fix it, I was anxious to add something new into my routine but I needn’t have worried, this stuff is amazing.

I’ve suffered no (extra) spots, no dryness, no irritation, no negative effects at all. Only good.

My skin appears more even, the pores seem less obvious, it looks so much better. I thought it was looking pretty good anyway, but this seems to have…refined things. I can’t explain it more than that, I know it’s not much of a review, but really my thoughts can be summed up that easily. My skin has improved considerably since I started using this (it’s been nearly two months now), but it’s improved in ways I didn’t realise were possible, and that’s what I mean by refined. When I do my evening routine and look in the mirror afterwards my skin looks smoother, with less imperfections and small pores. Lines, whilst still there, look less obvious and I am more even (hormonal acne aside of course).

Very impressed. It’s not a cheap product and of course some of you may find the smell unusuable, but I urge you to try it out, the scent lasts a moment, the effects last much much longer! It’s not a cheap product, it’s £78 for 59ml and a little goes a very long way indeed. I have been using nearly two months and the bottle (which comes with a pipette) has gone down by about half an inch, maybe just over that.

Available now from www.perriconemd.co.uk, www.johnlewis.com and leading department stores. Only problem for me is that now I’m over my Perricone fear there’s a whole new world opening up to me and it’s not a cheap world!

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

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