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Blimey I’ve been meaning to do this blog post for ages! I bought the Remington Pearl Hair Curling Wand a couple of months ago. I say bought, I actually mean I got it with my Boots Advantage Points and thus spent no money at all. Hoorah!

Remington Pearl Hair Curling Wand

Please excuse the stock image there.

In the past when wanting to add a bit of curl to my hair I’ve used my GHD Straighteners with some success but the type of curls wasn’t quite what I was after. In a previous life I used to use the old fashioned hair tongs.

I heard a lot about the Remington Pearl, not from one particular source, just reading various things over the years so when I was looking for a new method to curl my hair I knew exactly what I was after. Mine was £25.50 from Boots and worth every Advantage Point Spent on it.

I don’t have nothing but praise for it though, I do have one little problem, but lets talk about why its so brilliant first.

Perfect curls, fast. It works super fast, you can choose your temperature, the curls are fabulous and you get a heat protective glove. There’s an LCD screen to see your heat setting and a lovely long cable.

Remington Pearl Hair Curling Wand

Those are the curls immediately after I did them and you’ve seen this picture before, but here’s a few hours later, they dropped a little, but held the curl all night long, no problems.

Remington Pearl Hair Curling Wand
Remington Pearl Hair Curling Wand

You’ll remember, or maybe you won’t, I’ve also got hair extensions in in those pictures and the Remington pearl made light work of those too.

Now my only criticism, if you can call it that really, is that I can’t quite get to grips with not burning myself. I have the glove, which if I’m honest I can still feel quite a lot of heat through and that thing gets bloody hot. And if you want to curl right down to the ends well then you need to hold the hair at the end right next to the thing…and its hot. I’m guessing thats a practice thing, I hope so anyway!

Anyway, the Remington Pearl Hair Curling Wand, a great buy for great curls.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Looks great, agree with you about the glove things though. I’ve found just holding the glove around the wand when getting to the end of hair helps avoid burnt fingers.

  2. Ladymoonlight says:

    I’ve got a similar wand by Babyliss and it’s amazing. I’m soo clumsy with my hair that I hardly ever style it but this shape of a curling tool is just right and so easy to bandle!

  3. ihavemostlybeen says:

    The curls look fab! Em has a very fat curling tong that creates gorgeous big curls but has also burnt herself with it – had a huge blister on her finger for a few days recently! Mind you the worst I have ever heard is the person who dashed naked from bathroom to bedroom and sat on their ghd’s – ouch wouldn’t cover that!

  4. World Of Beauty says:

    i have these curling tongs too and i agree with you. i burn myself with them too. i find that using the glove makes it hard to hold your hair as well, cant get a decent grip. but the perceverance is worth it though, curls are amazing!

  5. I really need to invest in a curling wand soon, I love the ringlets you get from using one 🙂

    Frances xx

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