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Revlon very kindly sent me this mascara to review for you all.
What sets this product apart from other mascara’s apparently is the 2 in 1 brush which is supposed to build volume whilst seperating and defining your lashes. This retails at £8.99.

Revlon Double Twist Mascara Review

The vey first thing I noticed was how much product came out on the wand. It looked a little…gloopy…(click the picture to see close up).

Revlon Double Twist Mascara Review

The next thing I noticed as I started to apply it, was that I found the brush rather unweildly and big to use. I can’t really explain why, it just feels clumsy, but perhaps that’s me.

So how did it look? Here’s a before and two afters (one of which is lovely and cross eyed).

Revlon Double Twist Mascara Review
Revlon Double Twist Mascara Review
Revlon Double Twist Mascara Review

What do you think? Well I’ll tell you what I think. I think it adds volume,  but perhaps a bit too much, due to the amount of product on the brush, lashes were a bit thicker than I’d like, but yes they were clearly defined and seperated. It’s not the perfect mascara for me, I suspect because I have a lot of thick lashes already but I can really see this working well for someone who has less lashes, or thinner lashes. It’s not that it doesn’t work for me, I will definitely keep using it, it’s just that I tend to not need volume, I tend to go for lengthening formulas. The other thing is the brush. I will practice some more and see if it gets any easier to use, but it just makes me feel clumsy and I’d like a little less product on the wand.

Oh! Another good thing about it is that it’s super pigmented, I have some mascara’s here that don’t pack the punch this does colour wise, so I do like that.

Generally speaking I would recommend this but perhaps not to anyone who already has thick, full lashes, but anyone looking for volume and definition? This could really work for you!

PS: Last night when Graham came in from work he thought I was wearing false lashes! It’s really a dramatic look.

0 responses to “Revlon Double Twist Mascara Review”

  1. Jo says:

    Hmmm… it defo does add volume, can see that in the pics. I just dont see to work well with big brushes though. Still might give it a try though ha.

    Great review darlin’


  2. Charlie says:

    the brush is clumsy but it does do what it says it will do so if you want volume it’s worth trying!

  3. Ms. Wedgie says:

    I am a complete and utter wally when it comes to applying mascara with a big brush. I always seem to end up getting more product on my eyelids than on my actual eyelashes. This may well just be down to my own clumsiness though!

    The end look is really dramatic…maybe we all just need some big brush wielding lessons! 🙂

  4. Charlie says:

    Glad it’s not just me! It’s true, I love dramatic lashes too.

  5. Marce says:

    Great review!
    It actually looks really nice, but I know what you mean about wands picking up too much product – I hate it when that happens! Unless I start loving the clumpy look, I always have to take off the excess product with a tissue – what a waste :/
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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