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The Revlon Equave range is a professional brand, which means you can only buy it  from Revlon salons.

Revlon Equave Volumizing Detangling Conditioner
The Equave range isn’t new, but it is now revamped, enriched with keratin for extra vitality, soft hair and extra texture.

I was sent the Volumizing Detangling Conditioner – Keratin Enriched (£10.99 200ml).

Well, although you can’t tell in my picture, this is one of those products that settles in two layers and you shake it to mix it up. It’s also a leave in conditioner.

I got off to a false start with this product, not sure what I was doing wrong, either I wasn’t shaking it properly or I was using too much but I kept on ending up with crispy hair. “This doesn’t seem too professional” I thought to myself.

I tried again, shook it for a wee bit longer and used slightly less and now I’ve got the knack I’m loving this and am using it religiously, alternating with the fab Beever Daily Revive I reviewed recently because I can’t decide which product I love most.

This is another one of those does-what-it-says-on-the-tin products, when you use it correctly you can expect silky soft, tangle free, volumised hair. I don’t end up with massive hair (thank goodness because mine can be big enough all on its own at times), just a little bit of volume, I’d describe it as body really. It adds body.

I don’t have a list of salons you can purchase this from but you can call 0208 399 5624 to find your nearest stockist.

Oh and if you google you can find various stockists of Equave products, but they are all the old formula and thus not keratin enriched.

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

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  1. Ooh I’d love to try this, it isn’t a bad price either… I have the worst hair for tangles so I could do with a good detangling leave-in product.

    Frances xx


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