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Since I’ve been seeing the fabulous Michelle and she’s been keeping my brows in tip top condition keeping them looking fabulous every day has become the most important part of my make up routine. I have found I’ve been skimping on other areas and spending extra time on my brows.

I’ve been using the Benefit High Brow pencil to highlight my brow bone but I have to be honest and say I wasn’t loving it. I don’t like using a shimmering shade under my brows, I don’t really know why, it just doesn’t feel very me. I like something matte. I must say I do rather like the Illamasqua eyeshadow in Sex which is pure matte white but as a rule I like the ease of High Brow, draw your line, smudge with finger, done. The problem with it is it doesn’t blend at all well.

Step forward Shavata’s Arch Enhancer which sells at £9.95. Could this pencil be the answer to my eyebrow prayers?

Shavata Arch Enhancer

In a word, yes. This is Shavata’s best selling product and its easy to see why when you use it.  It’s a soft pink, light reflecting pencil to accentuate the brow arch. It’s matte, it’s subtle, it does just what I want it to do.

Shavata Arch Enhancer

Once in place and blended you can’t even see it’s there, it’s barely perceptible but that’s exactly what I want it to be, just so long as it shows the arch, which it does.

I like a lifted looking arch with no shimmer, no obvious highlight, I want it to look as though that is the natural effect of my brow. And I think it does. I really think this fabulous.
Shavata Arch Enhancer

Can you see it? I’m kind of hoping not, but I am hoping you can see the effect, if that makes any sense! Oh and for reference, that’s the Shavata Double-Ended Pencil on my brows.

Fab, this is a holy grail kind of product for my tastes. I want lift but not shimmer, unless I’m wearing lots of eyeshadow for a night out. Which is virtually never. 🙁

This is available from the Shavata Online Store. Go get one!

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  1. ihavemostlybeen says:

    Oooh sorely tempted! I see exactly what you mean, lift and light with no shimmer – perfect. Your brows are looking fab too btw. I don’t apply anything to enhance my arch, my skin tends to have a bit of a sheen to it on my brow bone so I run with that unless I am on a night out and have gone for all out shimmer (far too often, my liver reckons!) That said bit disappointed after my latest shape and tint, instead of mixing some brown and a dash of black my lovely lady went all out black – I have had my hair lightened and now have blond hair and black brows, I look like bloody Alistair Darling!! Will have to remember to ask her to tone it down next time! xx

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