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Please excuse the formatting of this post, I have NO clue what happened!

Not so long ago I was asked to try Sheer Cover Cosmetics and I readily agreed.

Sheer Cover make mineral cosmetics developed from Green Rooibos Tea and the range contains no oils, perfumes, dyes or talc and has an SPF of 15.

According to the information I received Sheer Cover is a 4- step system which allows your skin to radiate and gives you a natural luminosity, while providing excellent coverage.  Sheer Cover® goes beyond just covering up flaws, it’s designed to deflect light away from imperfections allowing you to  camouflage the look of dark circles, scars, sun damage, birthmarks, pores and fine lines. Sounds great!

I received the Introductory Kit containing lots of goodies which I will go through and review individually.The Kit retails at £29.99.

Sheer Cover CosmeticsSheer Cover Cosmetics

Firstly lets have a look at the Sheer Colour Compact.

Sheer Cover CosmeticsSheer Cover Cosmetics

This retails on it’s own for £7.95, two lipglosses, one lip colour, three highlighters and a cream eyeliner. The glosses are ok, nothing special but a pretty hint of colour, the lip colour isn’t for me at all, just the wrong shade. However, I do really like the highlighters, especially French Vanilla, very pretty on the brow bone. I also really like the liner. No transfer to my lids and great pigmentation. I don’t think they are worth buying the whole palette for though. the liner can be bought individually, full size for £14.95. A bit pricey, but still a nice product. Ignore the applicator included!

Next, the brushes! Highlighter brush, concealer brush and foundation brush. They look lovely, I love the clear plastic handles, very satisfying! The highlighter brush, is ok, I’ve been using it for precise highlighting and it’s ok. The concealer brush is pretty good, I use it every day, I have a different brush I use for under eye shadows but I use this one for covering blemishes and its more than adequate. The foundation brush is terrible though. It doesn’t do a good job of applying the foundation and it feels a bit horrible. I was staggered to learn it sells for £16.95. I use my kabuki to much better effect!

Next up the Extra Length Mascara. It’s not very good sadly, definitely one to avoid. It adds colour but no length or volume.

Sheer Cover Cosmetics

Next – the concealer! Excuse the big ding in it, I caught it with my finger nail 🙁

Sheer Cover Cosmetics

Love this, it’s a great colour match for me, covers blemishes with ease, blends well, works with the mineral foundation and I’ve used it every day since I got it, regardless of which foundation I’m wearing! In no way is it worth the £19.95 it costs though. Yes, you did read that right. It’s good but for that I expect diamond particles or something.

The cleanser and the moisturiser are ok but not great enough to draw me from my usual brands. I understand there is a primer too, I’d have been better off with that I think.

So lastly, the main draw, the foundation. You get two shades, in my case Bisque and Nude with the idea being you mix to get your perfect shade, If you choose to buy the products individually, you just get one shade and it costs £24.95 for 4g.

Sheer Cover Cosmetics

I found (once I switched to my own kabuki brush) that it applied easily. Coverage was excellent and it gives me a lovely glow.

Sheer Cover CosmeticsSheer Cover Cosmetics

(face also features Sheer Cover lipgloss and mascara). I really truly like this stuff, in particular, I love the glowy effect, or perhaps dewy is more correct.

Ok so to summarise, I think it’s all, bar the mascara and foundation brush, very nice. I really like the foundation and the concealer BUT it’s incredibly over priced if you buy the products individually, I wouldn’t recommend to anyone at those prices. Sorry Sheer Cover. I want to love it and recommend it but I simply can’t, it’s extortionate, even if the products are nice. Now at this point I will remind you that the introductory kit is £29.95 which I do think is bargainous but there’s a catch, in buying the kit, you are tied into a payment plan I don’t really understand so I can’t recommend that either. Shame.

Nice products, wrong prices.

When I was first contacted about Sheer Cover I was sent two kits with the wrong colour foundations for me which I farmed out for guest reviews. I’m still waiting for one but I’m delighted to share with you a review from Paula at Sweet Cheeks Beauty Blog

A few weeks ago i offered to review some Sheer Cover mineral foundation as i have wanted to try this for ages now so when i saw it on this lovely blog i jumped at the chance.

Sooo i got sent the foundation samples and the brush applicator which you use to mix the powders to your correct colour match and then you pour it into the bottom of the brush and pop it in your bag to take with you (Very Handy).
Sheer Cover CosmeticsSheer Cover Cosmetics
The colours i got where Buff and Latte, when i mixed these together they where the perfect match for when im not tanned im a MAC NC35!
Sheer Cover Cosmetics
So anyway this week i have been using the foundation and heres what i think:
Now first off i like to have a medium coverage and am always wearing liquid foundation which sometimes i feel too covered, so was super eager to try something that was going to be good for my skin for a change BUT Hmmmm i could not seem to get on with this foundation at all for an everyday usage :/ i felt like i had no coverage at all and that by the end of the day i looked in a way Rough lol
Dont get me wrong it felt super nice and soft on my skin and felt like my skin could breath which was a nice change, but for my job where im running up and down the stairs in the hotel it didn’t hold up at all 🙁
I was super gutted as i wanted this to be soooo good for me and for me to have found a new healthy foundation but there is just no way i could wear this everyday! 🙁 i just didn’t look right.
However…….. i did find that it was excellent for keeping in my bag and using it as a midday touch up for when i got the usual shiny patches when i used my usual liquid foundation and also to lightly set my foundation after applying.
It is a lovely finely milled powder which when applied is lovely and soft and would be perfect for those who are blessed enough to not need make up and can pull off that natural look, but for somebody who likes to feel covered – its just not for you 🙂
on the picture of the swatch on my hand you can see that the foundation does give a lovely luminous finish to it and does cover quite nicely just not enough for me.
I really feel bad for giving a not so good review of this product but i cant do a false review on something im not 100% liking or loving and feel that you lovelies who read this and are thinking of trying it out but like a decent coverage deserve to know before you buy it will not give you the coverage your after.
And like i mentioned this isn’t a totally dissing review i do LOVE it for a touch up midday as it just lifts my face and freshes my make up.
I kept it in my bag all week and have used it none stop when im at work, i have had no breakouts from it and will continue to use it until its all gone.

I would lastly like to say that this is just my opininon and you never know you may actually like it 🙂 xx

0 responses to “Sheer Cover Cosmetics Review & Guest Review”

  1. Stacey says:

    i didn’t notice at first but it’s twice the price of bare minerals! when you work out weight and price etc!
    lily lolo is a good mineral company
    great blog!!xxx

  2. Charlie says:

    yes – I use Lily Lolo and love it. Lily Lolo is natural wher I think this is moer polished. Ridiculous prices!

  3. Stacey says:

    Forgot to mention Bare Minerals is £21 for 9g and Lily Lolo is £12 for around the same so this is really over priced, and for people that may have neber used mineral make up before they won’t realise jut how expensive it is per gram!

  4. Ms. Wedgie says:

    That concealer was £20!! You’d think for that price the packaging might look a bit better!!

  5. Charlie says:

    I know!
    It’s a lovely concealer, really lovely but my god, ridiculous price! For the quantity I’d pay a fiver!

  6. Saimese says:

    I love how you give an honest review even if you don’t love the product 100%. Isn’t that what reviews are all about anyway. Plus, if someone doesn’t need too much coverage, they’ll know that they can probably purchase this & be fine with it.


  7. Charlie says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  8. I tried some lipglosses of this, i thought they smelt funny and were completely pants!! xxxx

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