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I’ve been holding off on this write up for a few weeks now as I wasn’t sure what to write. I’m still not sure so lets see what happens!

Okay, so what we’ve got is the Sleep-In Rollers Original Gift Set. And very nice looking it is too!

Sleep-In Rollers Original Gift Set

So you get a lovely pink draw string bag which contains 20 Sleep-In Rollers, an instructional DVD and then a little drawstring bag which contains 20 large kirby grips to secure your rollers.

The instructions for using the rollers are printed on the packet.

Sleep-In Rollers Original Gift Set

Essentially though, wash your hair, blow dry it, section it and then start rolling. Use a grip to secure each roller in place and then go to bed! I used these twice, once without hair spray and once with a spritz of hair spray on each section before I rolled.

Here I am, all happy and optimistic for a head full of bouncy hair the next morning.

Sleep-In Rollers Original Gift Set

And I did sleep. But it was a restless sleep. I probably woke up every 30 minutes through the whole night. It was very uncomfortable. It wasn’t at all painful at least but sleep was very difficult. I guess I didn’t fully wake up otherwise I’d never have got back to sleep, but still, hopefully you know what I mean.

Before I even brushed my teeth I rushed to take one roller out to see what had happened and the answer was not a lot.  Then about half an hour after getting up I removed them all.

You can colour me unimpressed. Gaze upon my most unimpressed  and very tired face.

Sleep-In Rollers Original Gift Set

Yes, there’s a little bit of volume. But to be frank I’d have got more volume by blasting my hair upside down with the hair dryer. Boooo!! Broken sleep all night long for the tiniest bit of lift. Booo again.

I don’t know what went wrong at all. I followed the instructions to the letter. I can only assume I am a total dunce (in the same way that I am with fake tan), or that these just don’t suit my hair type at all (very fine but absolutely masses of it).

I’ve seen bloggers use these really successfully so although I didn’t get on with them I still believe they work, they just aren’t for me.

This set is £24.95 and they are available from http://sleepinrollers.com/

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