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As I was lying in bed last night thinking about my hair colour, I thought back to my first attempts at colouring my hair. I used to go to the local chemist and pick up sachet’s of Wella’s Shaders and Toners.  Which got me started thinking about all the other products I used religiously in the past too. Many of which I wasn’t able to find photographs of, but I’d love to know if you remember them too, or for you to add your own memories in the comments!  I can’t always remember which decade products belong to either, it’s all a bit of a haze.


I used to love these! Shaders and Toners were amazing. I always went for red shades, and they claimed to last up to three washes. I can remember examining my hair in sunlight and seeing a faint red glow and being well pleased with the results!

Sticking with the hair theme, it wasn’t long before I discovered Sun In.


Hairdressers throw your hands up in horror! I actually used this several times over the years and actually I think the results weren’t at all bad. I’ll have to dig out a photo at some point but there’s no denying it’s straw making effects on my hair.

St Ives Shampoo’s and Conditioners. I think you can still get these, but I used to buy mine in Superdrug and I remember a Keratin formula and a Vanilla Flavour but they made my hair so so nice.

And quick mention must be given to the Banana Clip. God they were great, if a little frustrating thanks to the fact I have so much hair it was always a bit of a struggle to get the damn things done up. I miss banana clips.

Perfume. There are so many I recall but this one really sticks with me.


Colors de Benetton Woman. Mine was in a hexagonal shaped box I think, but it was possibly my first perfume, in a bottle, that I wore every last drop of.  Many came after it (see my library of fragrance post) but this was the first one I ever owned, following years of liberal Impulse spraying.

The Avon years. A school friends mum was an Avon Lady, I can’t even remember who it was, but I probably have them to thank for my love of make up now.


I remember she had her mum’s tester kit and I had several of these gorgeous little testers off her. I’d absolutely LOVE to own this now. I ended up owning several things. Of course the sky blue liner, the electric blue mascara and one thing I remember with special fondness. It was a cardboard tube housing a powder puff and the most beautiful pink shimmer powder. I put it everywhere I loved that stuff. I would love to see it now but alas none of my google searches have been successful. It was also Avon (I think) who introduced me to face masks, I particularly remember the whole family trying out a lemon peel off one. It was revolutionary and I can smell it now!

There were other skincare products I swore by First of all the Aapri Dual Cleansing Pads. I know many will recall the Aapri scrubs, but this was a whole other kettle of fish, basically a scourer for your skin that was soaked in a foaming solution. You ran your pad under the tap and then scoured your face, actually, I think they still exist, or a version of them does.

I also, in the early 90’s relied heavily on a 3 in 1 cleansing foam, I can’t recall its name or brand, but it was a foam that did the job of cleansing, toning and moisturising in one go. It was also the done thing for everyone to own The Body Shop Elderflower Eye Gel.

I also went through a long period of using extremely heavy duty toner type cleansers, such as Clean & Clear. The cotton pads always ended up black. You make mock these prehistoric products, but my skin is far worse now than it ever was when I was in my late teens/early twenties.

The Body Shop deserves its own paragraph, who can forget Banana Shampoo & Conditioner, Ice Blue Shampoo, Raspberry Ripple Body Wash, Dewberry fragrance oil and White Musk and Japanese Cleansing Grains (I think they were called). Some of these have been re-released since but it’s not the same. And It’ll be too soon if I ever smell Dewberry again, I didn’t even like that one at the time.


Roll on Glitter.

rock n glitter

I used to wear this stuff, on nights out. Nuff said.

Lip products.  Aged around 10, so 30 years ago, I remember my friend getting Boots 17 Twilight Teaser Lipstick.


I’m looking at it and I’m feeling it’s magical pull. I still want this lipstick.  No one can pull it off (although its far more mauve than this picture would have you believe). I still want to try. When I eventually did start wearing make up I started with more Boos 17, I remember a shade called Toffee Apple. I lived in that. Actually looking back now, it’s browny-red hue was the definition of a 90’s lipstick and as you probably know it’s a big trend for this year. I’ll be looking for something similar I think.  Oh and then there were the famous Rimmel Coffee and Heather Shimmer lipsticks, everyone had either one or both. Not terribly flattering on most of us, but like we cared.


That right there is Heather Shimmer, but both shades are still available.

Finally in make up, there were lip glosses, more specifically roll on lip glosses. I can taste and feel my cola flavour one now. I think I got it in a chemist with my pocket money, and I was very young. I loved it though, I’m sure I owned more!

Finally, I just want to pay my respects to a product that I didn’t actually own but that I remember my Granny owning.


Still available today, Boots Smiths Cremolia is a product thats been around a long long time. I recall my Granny always having it in the house but I’m not sure that she did, but somehow it made a great impression. I can recall the smell and it’s strange gloopy gel/serum texture and I think I might go and pick up a pot, if its been around for over 50 years, that probably means its good!

So tell me, do you remember any of these things and what do you remember that I haven’t mentioned?!

8 responses to “Some Beauty Nostalgia from the 80’s and 90’s”

  1. SashaRibben says:

    This totally took me back, I remember my grandma telling me not to use sun in as it would damage my hair! 🙂 loved reading your post x

  2. Kaily says:

    Roll on glitter lol OMG. NO!!! Hehe. I’m so with you on the tester case. I’d love to have one just to keep my lipsticks organized 🙂 This was such a fun post!

  3. Janet says:

    Anybody remember the bright green shampoo that smelt of apples? Loved it!

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