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Sparkly Nails Tribal Bloom Stickers

I love these cute little nail stickers from Sparkly Nails. Each is white flower design and each has a tiny diamante as part of the design. I find white nail stickers quite tricky as I’m never sure what colour to use as the background but in this case I went for grey (China Glaze Pelican Grey).
Sparkly Nails Tribal Bloom Stickers

They look really cute but I did find these quite tricky to apply. Sorry no, not apply, to remove from the backing, when I gently peeled them of the plastic backing sheet, three of them broke, leaving half the design behind which was a shame. But I still had loads left to work with so I was able to do a full manicure.

Love the tiny diamante’s they just add something to the design. These are really cheap, £1.50 and there are several design to stick on! I love nail stickers, they are just the perfect way to jazz up a bog standard manicure So head over and check them out here.

*Disclaimer – Sent for review purposes*

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