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You may remember a short while ago I talked about the St Tropez Festival Gift Set. Although the offer is now finished, the products are still available individually I believe and I was able to review them.

St. Tropez Festival Set

So lets talk about the Gradual Tan, Every Day Perfect Legs first. This is a pump bottle containing two products. The first is a gradual tan product and the second is a wash off instant bronzer.

Now I am milk white. In fact, not so far removed from the colour of that white bottle in the picture. I also do not have good history with tanners gradual or otherwise. They are either too orange, too streaky, whatever, I’ve never found one that that works for me. This was my first experience of St. Tropez and I had high hopes as I view it as a premium tanning brand. I also, generally speaking, prefer a gradual tanner since if I cock it up its less obvious!I really like the idea of being able to top up with the wash off stuff too. So how was it? Well, it doesn’t smell repugnant, I detected only the faintest whiff and it wasn’t unpleasant. However, I might as well just cut to the chase and say from the off, for me it was a total fail. The colour is fabulous, but try as I might I simply couldn’t avoid streaks. I had patches on my feet, patches on my thighs, patches slap bang in the middle of my calf….you get the picture.

I am positive this isn’t the fault of the product, but a user error. Yes I exfoliated my legs to within an inch of their lives but it seems that tanning and I are simply not meant to be. I just can’t do it! I used this daily for two weeks. Thankfully, the weather was grim and I had no cause to get my legs out and show the world the patchy mess. I’m a bit gutted to be honest, I really thought this was going to be foolproof for me because I’m going bare legged to a wedding in October, but at this rate I’m going to be white. So incredibly white. I might just have to pay someone to do it for me…

Also included in the Festival Kit is a Bronzer and Brush.

St. Tropez Festival Set

This is gorgeous. It has a very subtle shimmer in it, but I notice on the St Tropez website there is also a matte version. The shimmer doesn’t bother me though, it’s barely there. This is a soft colour, and I find it buildable so you can add as much colour as you like. Be careful if you try it on your face…it’s easy to overdo. I really like this and have used it a lot since I got it. It is actually designed to enhance your tan, so after using the tanning products on your legs you can dust this over to maximise the effect. A very nice product.

While I’m talking about St Tropez, they have been very involved with London Fashion Week preparing skin for House of Holland, Louise Goldin and others and as such they’ve created a London Fashion Week Portal Here featuring pictures and details of products used to achieve looks, along with exclusive interviews with designers. A couple of areas are yet to be updated but it’s really nice to have a look around if that’s your thing, so please go and have a nosey!

So tell me guys, since I am a total tanning incompetant… how much is it to have it done for you these days?

3 responses to “St. Tropez Festival Set Review & London Fashion Week”

  1. liloo says:

    I would have expected that for a such a high end product, you would have had no streaks either. i know i know you want to blame it on your application. I blame it on the product, cos it seems to me you did everything it said to do, before and whilst applying it. well there’s always blog sale, and i, for one, would be interested haha. packacking is sooo sleek

    reporting no problems whatsoever with your layout today, it loaded as fast as a bullet
    then again i am at home
    maybe it’s just my computer at work which is being a pain in ze bum.


  2. lipstickmama says:

    I am not quite as pale as you but have always had a fear of fake tanners, ST is the only one that ever worked for me, granted I did pay to get it applied, the girl was about 5 feet and was level with my boobs and that was a laugh in itself, but the result was amazing, I just looked better, more glowing, it looked totally natural even on my face and I was delighted with the results. I have never attempted to apply myself, I think it is just not an area I am interested in, but I do like the idea of the bronzer. I do think that ST have cornered the market in realising that for some of us to be fake tanned does not mean to be mahoganised. Thanks for the review. Jan x

  3. Beauty Addict says:

    I have to say that I never tried any fake tan product before, I’m so scared that it would turn me orange and would be streaky! I am super pale. Although I would love to have a bit of a tan, I don’t know if I have the courage to use fake tan products.

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