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I’ve tried supplements in the past but my inability to stick to anything has meant that I forget a day, then another day, and before you know it, all my good intentions have gone out of the window until I got put on daily traditional meds for my migraines. Now I have to take medication every single day without fail, for the rest of my life and for some reason I don’t forget these.  And so it makes perfect sense to keep my supplements with my meds and take them all at the same time.

And so it is that I now take quite the cocktail of tablets each day. But I’ve been doing it for quite a while so it’s working!

Here’s my daily intake!

Discounting the two small white pills, which are my meds, here’s the run down!

Imedeen Hair & Nails: I take these silica and biotin based supplements daily and I really think I can see a difference already. I’ve been taking them for a few weeks now. My nails were pretty good before hand but actually, I have been a nail biter all my life and if I break a nail and I don’t deal with immediately I can quickly return to being a nail biter. And this is what happened to me recently when I bit of every last nail after two broke and I was going through some stress. My nails are growing back really really fast though even though they were bitten down to the quick as they say. I’m putting it down to these babies. They actually state on the website that you’ll see benefits within four to six months, so I don’t know if I’m imagining it but I’m impressed! My hair isn’t looking better yet but time will tell!

Imedeen Derma One: I take two of these daily as per the guidelines. I reviewed them previously and I don’t plan to stop taking them any time soon. I’m really impressed with the difference these have made to my skin. The “plump-ness” in particular.

Viridian High Five B-Complex with Magnesium Ascorbate: the final pill in my little cocktail. These are for energy! Much needed in the Summer holidays I must say and the High Five is because they contain higher levels of Vitamin B5 that your average supplement and they have a little extra Vitamin C in them too. So far so good. I must mention  here that Viridian do a wonderful range of kids supplements “Viridikid” and I received samples of two of their products for my kids who won’t touch them sadly, but if you’re looking for supplements for kids that aren’t packed with sugar or sweeteners do take a look!

So that’s me, I’m wondering what else I can add to my supplement regime now but I suspect that with this lot I’ve got most bases covered!

Anything you think I’m missing? I’m interested to know what, if anything my readers take regularly and what benefits they get from them!

*Disclosure – all items were erceived for review purposes*

3 responses to “My Current Supplements!”

  1. m4dswine says:

    Omega 3!
    I take a silica/biotin/zinc supplement, a good dose of omega 3 fish oils and evening primrose oil. My skin and PMS symptoms are greatly improved,y moods in particular.

  2. azra says:

    I take a spoonful of take hemp oil as apparantly it has omega 3 and 6 in the correct ratio
    A few of weeks ago I started taking Chlorella as I wanted to take vitamins from a food source, so far Ive noticed an upsurge in energy and my skin has a glow to it so very pleased
    I do take it in tablet form though I dont think I could take the taste in powder form, Now I am reading that supermodels drink it too for their skin lol

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