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Phew! If forecasters are correct then next week is a threatening to be a scorcher and you’d best make sure of it because going on Summer’s we’ve had in recent years that one week will probably be all we have!

So with the sun in mind I’ve got a sunscreen to show you that’s a little different from your usual creams, making it a) convenient to use, b) very suitable for those who don’t like traditional sunscreen’s on their face and c) lightweight and small enough to be handbag sized.

Meet the Susan Posnick Brush On Block SPF 30

Susan Posnick Brush on Block SPF 30

Susan Posnick Brush on Block SPF 30

I have mostly positive but a little mixed views on this so I’ll just start by telling you a bit about it.  Brush on Block uses Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide to give full coverage to your skin which is invisible. It also contains Green Leaf Tea extract which is a natural antioxidant, Safflower Seed Oil which functions as an emollient to moisturise and protect and Honeysuckle and Chamomile extracts to prevent inflammation and irritation that may be caused by Sun exposure.

Okay so the easiest way to tell you my thoughts on this product is with a list of Pros and Cons, and I like those, but don’t get to do them often!


  • There’s a bit of a knack to getting the product out of the tube and onto the brush. It’s a flick of the wrist type of thing, but it takes a bit of getting used to.
  • It’s messy. As you apply it, you can expect the dust to go flying everywhere.
  • When you’re used to creams, it can take a real mental adjustment while you get used to this! It’s weird!
Really though, aside from the mess, this is a fantastic product and one that was almost tailor made for me! It’s also suitable for kids so I’ve been giving them a dusting too on less hot days (on hot days I really want them in SPF 50 or more) but it’s a far less painful experience dusting them in this than rubbing suncream into their faces. I’d love to see one with a higher SPF!
Anyway, great stuff and perfect for my needs.
Available from John Bell & Croyden for £23.
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