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Today I’ve got a beautiful new product to tell you about. As regular readers will know, my skin is a constant battleground, with blocked pores being standard along with a monthly hormonal break out that lasts most of the month. I’m using a pretty successful routine at the moment and am very careful which skincare samples I accept these days, looking only for those that won’t worsen the spots and help clear the blocked pores.

So I was pretty keen to try out the latest skin care product from Aromatherapy Associates. The Polishing Essential Enzyme Peel.

Aromatherapy Associates Polishing Essential Enzyme Peel

So what we have is a product that gently exfoliates without any harsh abrasives to aggravate. It contains Pineapple, Passion Flower and Grape fruit acids to break down dead skin cells along with Carrot Oil which is rich in Vitamin E and anti-oxidants.

All you need to do is apply a later to your face, leave on for 5-10 minutes before removing with a warm, damp cloth. Follow up with toner, treatments and moisturiser. Depending on the state of your skin you can use this once or twice a week.

It tingles a little when you use it, just to warn you, but it’s not painful or uncomfortable and unlike some peels it won’t leave you with a red face. It smells lovely and is a pleasure to use, personally I really enjoy the tingle.

The end results are cumulative, each time I use it I feel my skin looks a bit better and feels a bit softer. That’s absolutely not to suggest though, that after one use you won’t see any results, you will. Or at least I did. My skin was softly glowing and felt so soft.  I feel that although the difference isn’t massively obvious with each use, I can see things improving, those little bumps on my skin are getting fewer and my skin really does feel so much softer.

This isn’t a cheap product at £39 for 50ml but it’s well worth the money. I am seeing similar results to those that I experienced with the Perricone Blue Plasma which is twice the price. So really that makes this product a bargain! 😉

You can pick up your product here and if you’re really in the mood for shopping then Aromatherapy Associates have now released all their Christmas Gifts which are always lovely, and I’d have to recommend treating yourself to the Festive Bath & Shower Collection!

*Disclosure – Sample provided free of charge for review purposes*

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