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If you’re a reader of my sporadic and usually inane tweets you’ll have seen me tweet a couple of weeks ago that I was totally over BB Creams. Typically one turned up for me to review shortly after that and given that it was Clarins soon to be released BB Cream and I believe Clarins bases to be right up there amongst the very best you can buy, I clearly had to try it out. Was I won over by this BB? Read on to find out.

Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream

The Clarins BB comes in three shades, Light, medium and dark and has colour matching technology which means it adapts to your own skin tone, which I’ll talk about a bit more shortly. It provides SPF25 and aims to even skin tone, protect and revitalise.

I’m more enthused about this than I have been about any other BB cream. It applies like a dream and it leaves my skin with a “satin” finish, its really quite magnificent and makes my skin look nearly flawless. Unlike some BB’s it offers good coverage and can be worn alone on days when your skin is less than perfect.

So lets talk about the colour aspect. I have shade light. I’m pale. Usually the second shade in most colour ranges but this “Light” is too dark for me. Take a look at the hand swatch. It’s quite clearly too dark. I’ve blended it out slightly in the second shot (sorry its out of focus but you get the idea!)
Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream

Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream

It’s quite clearly far too dark. But what about that colour adapting technology then? Well amazingly it does work. When I applied this too my face it did settle into a much more suitable shade it was still a tiny bit too dark for me though but regardless it was nearly passable. So I adapted it a little further. Using my Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick which is much paler, I added it down the centre of my face… down my nose and chin mostly, but only a tiny bit, blending it out so there was no join. This worked perfectly for me. My cheeks and forehead remained as just the BB. It was almost like I’d added a light touch of bronzer to those areas.
So here’s how it looked on, in conjunction with just the merest touch of Bobbi Brown Foundation stick to lighten up the centre of my face.
Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream
So this is nearly a winner for me, It makes my skin look great, it blends easily with clogging in my danger zones and I adore the satin finish, and for anyone my shade and darker (Bobbi Brown Warm Ivory, Mac NC 15 if that helps) this should work, thanks to that colour adapting technology. You can see my face is nowhere near as orange as my hand was. It’s magic!

Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream launches in May and will retail at £28.

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  1. Ladymoonlight says:

    I’ve tried a sample of this BB cream in Medium, this stuff was so dark and orange. I admit I liked the coverage, though.

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