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I hope everyone had a brilliant Christmas doing whatever it is that you’ve been up to! As I’m scheduling this post in advance I can’t report on it yet but I’m optimistic that I will have had a great time!

I’m doing a quick post to tell you all about the Ellis Faas Winter Gift Set.

Ellis Faas Winter Gift Set

As with all the seasonal gift sets from Ellis Faas, you get three co-ordinating products to give you a complete look.

This set contains three best sellers, the Ellis Red Milky Lips L201 for blood red lips, Creamy Eyes E103 which is a pitch black that blends like a dream or can be used as a liner and then finally a pale Milky Eyes in E209 which is gorgeous.

Ellis Faas Winter Gift Set
Ellis Faas Winter Gift Set

All three of these come with the brush style applicator rather than the sponge type and I really like the brush, however, the black is so incredibly pigmented I’ve not dared to put it directly onto my eyes for fear of making a mistake so I’ve been using my hand as a palette and picking up product from there using a brush. The black blends like a dream, well as does the Milky Eyes and it’s really easy to put together a good look using these products, I’ve found applying the black first into and above the crease then dabbing the pale shade over the lid gives a fantastic stylish look. As for Ellis Red, what is there that I can say that hasn’t been said before. it’s blood red and it’s bright. Really really bright. You can see it on me here.


Ellis Faas Winter Gift Set

I’ve really liked the colour combinations of all the sets I’ve been sent over the last year but I’d say this one is the most versatile. The black can be blended out for a smoky eye, or applied as a superb base, or just in a line for your winged liner (if I’d ever managed to do it without cocking the whole thing up at least) because with the formula of these, once they set and dry they just don’t budge. Great stuff.

I’ll try to bring photos of the whole look on, I’ve already done it but forgot to take photographs! The set is £55 and available from http://www.ellisfaas.com/

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

0 responses to “The Ellis Faas Winter Gift Set”

  1. Beauty World says:

    Swatcheroonies hahahha

  2. That red colour is to die for, it looks so pretty on the lips! The Creamy Eyes E103 looks amazing too!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  3. Modesty Brown says:

    The red looks so tempting. I can totally understand your nerves applying the black straight onto the lid. Having used the creamy eyes brush before I know it can be a little fiddly to control the amount of product, using a separate brush sounds like a good plan.
    Jane x

  4. Charlie says:

    Thanks people 🙂

    Jane, there’s no way I could dare do it any other way, not unless I was never going out of the house! x

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