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I’ve had a few days hiatus, life’s been a bit busy (even though the girls have been away for a couple of days), but anyway, here I am back again with another Fortune Cookie Soap post. I only did my last one last week I think but I had my soap box arrive this morning and I couldn’t wait to blog about it!

I’m not a fan of subscription boxes. Never have been, I think a box full of samples I don’t want is totally unappealing (although once or twice there have been exceptions), until I learned about the Fortune Cookie Soap (FCS) Box Subscription. As you may already know FCS are based in the states, and regularly release new themed bath and body collections, but four (I think?) times a year they release big seasonal collections. The Box subscription allows you to get a box of 8 samples (decent sized ones at that) from the main collections, before the collection is released, so you can plan your orders and get a good first look. As well as a generous amount of samples, you also get a $10 (£6.52) voucher for your next order. Each box costs $34 including shipping which works out at £22.17. I’d say it’s well worth it. Its a real treat.

Soooo, I got my Spring Soap Box this morning and the theme is Wonderland. I imagine its a theme that will appeal to many.

Fortune Cookie Soap WonderlandP1160521I’d be surprised if you’ve seen a nicer looking subscription beauty box!

So lets take a closer look at what’s inside!

First of all, this little cutie, its a sweet touch.

P1160525Onto the products.

Starting with the Almost Alice Fortune Cookie Soap

P1160532Fresh green snap peas, juicy pears, sweet pea flowers, freesia and ripe berries. Really fresh and floral.

Twisted Tea Party Bath Tea

P1160530 This is incredible, I’m just gutted I don’t enjoy baths. I think what FCS excel at is innovative fun products and this fits the bill. It’s a tea bag for your bath. Green tea, sweet herbs, vanilla bean, cucumber, golden amber, neroli, geranium and spearmint. Just toss it in your bath and infuse!

Who Are You? Incense Cones

P1160528 P1160529Crisp ripe pear, limes, vanilla orchid and raw cane sugar, these are fabulous. Pop one on a non-flammable surface, light the tip and let it burn for 10 seconds, then extinguish. The scented smoke will fill your room. if thats not your thing, pop the sachet in your undies drawer for perfectly scented pants 🙂

It’s Only a Dream Whipped Cream

WhippedcreamThe Whipped Creams are one of my favourite FCS products. Light and fluffy but deeply moisturising. The scents have really great staying power on your skin and this pale pink beauty is gorgeous. Verbena, lemongrass, calla lily, citrus, leafy greens, ylang-ylang, rosewood, ozone and hints of rose and soft musk. It’s Spring in a jar. Gorgeous.

Off With Their Heads Bath Bomb

P1160531The classic bath bomb in mini version, this sweet little heart is covered in dried rose petals. The scent is Meyer lemons, oranges, wild roses, violets, star jasmine, bergamot and egyptian musk. Again I’m sorry I dislike baths so much, it smells beautiful.

Futterwacken Body Wash

P1160524Sun warmed lilies with grapefruit and fresh air. A beautiful spring, morning wash. The body washes are all excellent.

Eat Me Perfume Oil

P1160535My absolute favourite FCS products, the perfume oils are amazing blends of amazing ingredients. Eat Me is yellow cake with vanilla frosting, pineapple and cilantro (coriander). The coriander makes this really interesting. It’s not your average foodie scent. I applied at 10am, I can still smell it now. Beautiful.

Finally, We’re All Mad Here OCD

OCDI love the OCD’s. In fact I have far too many to get through. Bascially handbag sized hand sanitizers, these are heavily scented and not at all drying (well not if you don’t use them too much – I’ve not experienced any dryness). I have one on my desk, one in my handbag, one on my bedside table, one in the kitchen, one in my car and a few more in storage and I’m not particularly OCD about cleanliness! This pink beauty has a hint of shimmer and is mint water, rich cedarwood and leafy greens. Super clean and very Spring-like!

All in all, a very impressive box. A couple of products I won’t use because I shower rather than bathe, but I’ve already got swaps lined up for those.

I’d highly recommend the FCS Soap Box for anyone, they are beautiful, unusual and smell glorious. You can’t sign up for this box as they are all sold (but the Wonderland collection launches very soon), but you can sign up for the Summer box now. All the info you need is HERE.

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  1. Oh this box is soooo sweet. I love it x

  2. Alex Quinn says:

    Oooh I’ve never heard of this! Looks so lovely.
    Alex // http://www.prettythoughtsx.blogspot.co.uk

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