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All you gloss lovers listen up! I’ve got the creme de la creme of glosses to show you today!

Say hello to the unassuming looking Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer in Beige.

Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer in Beige

This pretty looking gloss is really something marvellous. You might as well forget the pinky looking colour because actually this almost completely clear on the lips, and here’s the weird thing. Look at the swatch, it’s positively packed with glitter…

Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer in Beige

On the lips though, the glitter is almost not there. So we’ve got a pink glittery lip gloss that is neither pink nor glittery on the lips, so what’s to love?

Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer in Beige

Well quite a few things actually. Firstly I love how it looks, that sheer colour and that glitter do something and I just love the finished effect, natural lips. Also I can’t abide really glossy glosses, I don’t like the way they make my lips look, but I love the way this looks. Then there’s the texture, it’s lighter and less sticky than any gloss I’ve ever tried, it feels like it’s not there, almost. Oh and that’s not all. If you smack your lips together, or blot with a tissue, the shine will stay. There’s some fancy technology at work there but it really does work, have a cup of coffee and what is left on your lips after will remain perfectly glossy. It wears really well on the lip.

Not a cheap gloss at all at £23.50 but if you love a good gloss then everyone should have one of these in their collection.

Mine was purchased from House of Fraser but you can also buy from www.armanibeauty.co.uk. I can’t promise I won’t go back for more!

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