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Laszlo Blue Firmarine

Oh why does it always happen that the things that I really really fall in love with are way way way out of my price league!

I recently reviewed a couple of Erno Laszlo products namely, two moisturisers from the Hollywood collection and I loved them both. This time, out of the blue I received two more products, Laszlo Blue, from the Firmarine collection.

I have various skin issues, one of which is a loss of firmness in my skin so especially pleased to be sent these to try out.

Laszlo Blue Firmarine

Absolutely love the packaging. It’s clean and stylish.

The first of the two items I received is the Firmarine Night Cream. The active ingredients are Spirulina Maxima which is full of over 70 amino acids to feed new collagen growth, Salicornia Extract that attracts water to the skin and strengthens the lipid barrier for smoother skin and Iceland Moss which is a powerful moisturiser. The features and benefits are:

The second product I received is the Firmarine Eye Therapy. A light gel formula which is designed to lift and firm the delicate skin around the eye, again using Spirulina Maxima. The features and benefits are:

I’ve been using both of these products for several weeks now and I think I can see a slight improvement in my skin, in terms of firmness. Certainly the Eye Therapy does seem to immediately provide results upon application. It’s really very impressive. The Night Cream isn’t too rich, as is often the case with night creams, it absorbs quickly and does leave me with nice skin in the morning. I am not entirely sure that I can see my skin looking firmer but I think that a night cream on its own is unlikely to do that, and that ideally you’d need to use the whole range.

That said I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time on the Erno Laszlo website and a hefty wishlist. This is not good. Not good at all. Largely because my wishlist totals $853. And so you’ll have noticed that I’ve not put the prices in for the above products yet. Brace yourselves.

Laszlo Blue Firmarine Eye Therapy is £125 and the Laszlo Blue Firmarine Night Cream is £245. Yes. You did read that right. As with the Hollywood products I am treating these like Charlie treated his chocolate bar.  Only using the smallest amounts I can get away with because I’ll cry when they run out.

Gorgeous gorgeous products.

Available from Harrods in the UK.

*Disclosure – PR samples*

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  1. Beauty Balm says:

    Great review. These sound amazing and fab packaging too x

  2. BeautyGeekUK says:

    That’s exactly how I feel about my Velvet Night Cream! I’m rationing it sooo carefully, yet every couple of weeks I binge on it and use it all over my face and neck. I have some very odd, beauty-based habits! xx

  3. These look & sound stunning! Ouch at the price :-/

    Nic x

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