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Library of Fragrance

Some time around the year 2000, maybe as early as 1998 or as late as 2002, I learned of a fragrance brand known as Demeter. I think there must have been some press coverage or something as I certainly wasn’t heavily active online then,  and mostly it was jut on a couple of message boards when I was. Strange that I should read about Demeter in magazines though as they were very difficult to get hold of.

The range was like nothing I’d ever heard of. Prior to this time my perfume tastes were based on whatever I received as presents for Christmas and Birthdays, although I do recall loving Opium. What stood out about Demeter was their line of unusual (for perfumes) fragrances, with Dirt and Tomato being talked about in magazines, it was the foodie scents I was really drawn to.  Living down here in the South West, there certainly weren’t any retailers locally, and in fact I couldn’t find any online either. Eventually I found them stocked in Harvey Nichols, in Knightsbridge and for a period of time I used to call them up and order my fragrances of choice and pay over the phone and they would post them out to me. I bought several, the only ones I can really remember are Dirt (I didn’t like it but it was certainly an accurate smell and evoked memories of my Dad’s allotment) and Sugar Cookies. I have a vague memory of having something cinnamon…oh Cinnamon Buns. Yes, I definitely had that one too. And I loved them.

Eventually though, they disappeared from our UK shores and I was unable to buy any more, and the years passed and I forgot about them.

Towards the end of last year, to my absolute joy they relaunched in Europe as The Library of Fragrance. The products are exactly the same as I remembered them, with a different name, due to a trademark issue.

I have a really really long wishlist but I started off by getting my favourites. They are available from either the Library of Fragrance website where they stock 101 different scents (although the brand actually has 300 available worldwide), or there is a limited line available from Boots. If you buy direct from Library of Fragrance they are £15, but in Boots there’s an offer where you can buy two for £25. This offer seems to be running for a long time so I’m not sure if its permanent.

So anyway, my first purchase was Sunshine. It smells like a sunny day, warm, sweet and a little like cotton, although not mentioned anywhere in the description, I personally think there’s a hint of sun cream in there too. I love it. It’s light but the scent lasts all day on me beautifully. This isn’t the case with all of fragrances from this brand, but all of the ones I’ve tried or tested seem to have good wear times, so perhaps it’s something they’ve changed over the years.  For Christmas I received Thunderstorm, which I LOVE. It was after a testing session in Boots I discovered the two of them together work really well. I can’t even begin to describe Thunderstorm to you, its just amazing. And the two combined is beautiful. It just smells like a hot, thundery summers day.

Next on my list is Grass. I like it alone, its nice, but combined with the two above it’s just heavenly. Standing in a field on a hot stormy day. It just smells good.

Anyway, one thing to note is that when you first spray them, for a moment you’ll get a strong alcohol smell that’ll make your eyes water if you take a big sniff, so just leave it a few seconds before smelling. I’m so happy they are back!

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