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 L'Oreal Fresh & Tropical Collections

I aboslutely love that image up there! It’s so Summery. And so is the entire range for the L’Oreal Summer Collections.

 L'Oreal Fresh & Tropical Collections
First up the L’Oreal Resist & Shine Tropical Collection Nail Varnishes.There are five fruity colours, Wonderful Watermelon, Dapper Dragon Fruit, Popping Pomegranite, Perfect Passion Frui and Feisty Fig. I can’t be sure which two I received as they don’t have the names on them! I would hazard a guess at Wonderful Watermelon and Feisty Fig. They don’t look like they do in the bottles though. Not in a bad way.
 L'Oreal Fresh & Tropical Collections
The orange is fab on my toes at the moment and it’s a coral toned orange and the berry shade isn’t quite as dark and a bit more pink than the picture, somewhere between the top and the bottom picture, colour wise. The wear is excellent. £6.12 each.
The Glam Shine Fresh lipglosses in Aqua Curacao, Aqua Lemon Tonic and Aqua Lychee.
 L'Oreal Fresh & Tropical Collections
They are all light and fruity, not too sticky, the blue is sheer and doesn’t show as blue really on your lips, the yellow is also sheer but if you are a bit heavy handed it can show up as a bit yellow, with the lychee being the most pigmented but still very sheer. Lovely. The price of the nail polishes is RRP £6.12 and the Glam Shine Fresh lip glosses are RRP £7.65
There are various other products in the line, including 6 hour lip glosses and eyeshadows. Very nice!
Available from the usual stockists nationwide!

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  1. Glitterish Allsorts says:

    I want all those glosses!

  2. Jennifer Leigh says:

    That corally polish is so pretty!

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