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After my last disappointing Makeup Revolution post, I’m thrilled to be back on form with another amazing product, one I would recommend to absolutely everyone. Here’s my Makeup Revolution Radiance Palette review.

makeup Revolution radiant lights paletteLovely rose gold outer packaging, and once you open it you get the usually great quality plastic pan, complete with mirror in the lid.

makeup Revolution radiant lights paletteI always think the packaging is worth mentioning, when a product is so cheap I expect the packaging to be cheap and nasty, but its just not the case with Makeup Revolution products. While its not a metal compact, the quality is great, and looks classy.

Inside the compact you have three beautiful soft highlighting powders. I don’t think it’s any secret that this is a dupe for the Hourglass Ambient Lights Palette, I don’t have both so I can’t compare, but I will say that, owning this, I have no need to purchase the Hourglass version.

makeup Revolution radiance paletteSo you have three highlighters, a skin tone type shade, a classic highlighter shade and a bronzer shade. They are finely milled, super soft, not at all chunky or glittery and an absolute dream to apply.

Swatches, just a couple of shots with slightly different light to try and show the finish.

makeup Revolution radiance palette makeup Revolution radiance paletteIt’s worth noting that the swatches were just one finger swipe and once blended into your skin are far more subtle in appearance, and my gosh do they blend. I have tended to apply over my usual powder, just out of habit, but I have also worn alone over my foundation with no issues. All I can say is it’s not unlike airbrushing. My face takes on a slight airbrushed quality, a slight blur. I don’t find the finish too much for wear in the day time, they seem to just look great on the skin.

I use the far left shade all over for a soft focus effect, with the other two shades acting as highlighter and bronzer, sometimes I just wear the first shade. One thing is for sure I wear them every single day. Without fail.

I’m just so impressed and think every makeup lover should have this in their collection. I bought mine from the Makeup Revolution online store, for £8, but it appears to be out of stock there, it is however available from Superdrug for the same price.

I absolutely love this its my favourite Makeup Revolution product so far!

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  1. Melissa says:

    This looks lovely. I did own the Hourglass one once and loved it but it’s so expensive. I think I will definitely check this out

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