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Mary Kay at Play Collection

I’m getting my head around Mary Kay cosmetics a bit now. I gather it’s a catalogue cosmetic company, like Avon, but there’s also a website where you can purchase. Generally speaking it would appear to be geared towards a more mature customer which is where the Mary Kay at Play collection comes in, it’s quite clearly geared towards the younger consumer. And I’d say, looking at this range, it’s for those younger than me, like teenagers perhaps. It’s a colourful range and there’s a range of products within the collection.
Mary Kay at Play Collection

Here’s the low down on the bits I was sent to try.

First, the Baked Eye Trios in Tuxedo and Ocean View.

Mary Kay at Play Collection

First of all, let me just tell you that the darkest shades in each of these trios is sublime. That shimmering black is AMAZING and that dark blue is beautiful, with a gorgeous sheen (rather shimmer). You can scroll down for swatches. My top tip would be to avoid the palest shades in both of these. If you add these to your eye looks you will look like you just stepped out of 1983. Those beautiful shades will be turned into frost city. Steer clear of these and you’ll do just fine. That BLACK is worth the £8 per trio alone. I don’t wear blue eye shadow as a rule, and this is no exception but that dark blue is truly truly gorgeous. These are also available in a plum colour way and earth tones.

Next the Eye Crayons.

Mary Kay at Play Collection

I’ve been trying out  In the Navy and Gold Mine. Also available is Green Tea and Purple Smoke. These don’t crease on me but I did struggle to really build them up on my eyelids. Shame as the blue is really lovely. That said, they make a good base for shadows, including the trios up there. These are £7.50 each.

In a similar vein, we have the Lip Crayons.

Mary Kay at Play Collection

I’ve been trying out Toasted and Perfect Pink. These are £7.50 each and I really like them. Toasted is a really great nude shade which suits me quite well (unlike many nudes!) and they wear reasonably well. Perfect Pink looks lovely on application but alas it’s packed full of shimmer and it fades fast, leaving you with frosted lips to match your frosted eyes.  Other shades include Violet Love and Candied Apple which I like the sound of!

Finally here’s the Jelly Lip Gloss in Hot Tamale.

Mary Kay at Play Collection

Beautiful colour. Highly pigmented. The name however will always make me think of this….

In all seriousness though, this is a bit gloopy and sticky for me. These are £7.

Take a look at the swatches of all of the above. Hopefully it’ll be self explanatory which is which…

Mary Kay at Play Collection

Do look at that black, that blue and the dark blue pencil up at the top there. All lovely.

However, step into the sunlight and prepare to blind everyone with your Edward Cullen-ness.

Mary Kay at Play Collection

In sunlight everything is loaded with shimmer.

Still, love that black. My top picks are the Toasted Lip Crayon and the Tuxedo Eyeshadow Trio just for the black.

The whole range is available from www.marykay.co.uk

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