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I hope you’ll forgive me because today I’m blogging about a product that you can no longer buy, anywhere, as far as I can tell. Before you click away though, you can buy most of the products in this palette individually so the post still has value yes? Jolly good!

The Nars Skin Deep Palette is a few years old now but I picked mine up recently in a blog sale and I’m very pleased because this is the perfect every day palette which contains all you need for a natural look.

Nars Skin Deep Palette

Down the Left hand side  there are three eye shadows, the top two are the All About Eve Duo the bottom shade is Blondie which is available as a single matte shadow.

Then in the centre are two nude hued blushers in Zen and Ninotchka. Zen is the top shade and available currently, Ninotchka I think is a discontinued shade. I use both colours at once, the darker shade as a very light contour and the lighter one on the apples of my cheeks.

Then finally there are Bambi and Manhattan Lipsticks and Viva Las Vegas Sheer Lipstick. Unfortunately Bambi and Manhattan don’t seem to be available but Viva Las Vegas is available in a full size product still.

Anyway, these are all fantastic products and especially good for work life. Here’s how I’ve been wearing them. Not great pictures but they should give you an idea at least! Oh and while I think about it, there’s something trapped inside my camera so if you spot random dark splodges on my photos it’s that and I don’t know how to get them out. There’s one on the side of my nose in the first pic here 🙁

Nars Skin Deep Palette
Nars Skin Deep Palette

Anyway, That’s the Skin Deep palette which I’m so pleased to own, but as I say, you can find many of the products individually if they take your fancy!

2 responses to “The Nars Skin Deep Palette Review”

  1. I adore these natural look shades and your skin looks incredible in this pic! What foundation are you wearing?

    Nic x

    • Charlie says:

      Hey hun, sorry for delayed reply you got caught by my spam! I think it’s the Bobbi Brown Foundation stick if I remember correctly, I really love it, but it’s a bit slidey for spotty days!

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