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Clarins. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, in terms of cosmetics I don’t think Clarins receive nearly enough hype. Their make up is exceptional quality. I’ve tried Joli Rouge lipsticks from Clarins before and liked them, as well as similar lipsticks such as the Joli Rouge Brilliant which were gorgeous too.

Now however the Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick has had a revamp, the formula is more moisturising and there are now 26 shades to choose from. The Joli Rouge formula offers high pigment and high shine. There are some shimmery, some less shimmery, but all offer a luminous effect.

I’ve got three here I’ve been trying out.

Clarins Joli RougeClarins Joli RougeClarins Joli Rouge

The shades I have are Soft Berry, Candy Rose and Lilac Pink.

Clarins Joli Rouge

The shape of the tip has been designed to provide a perfect application and it really does, it makes them a devil to swatch though. Please accept my apologies for the last swatch, I don’t know why its so fat!

Soft Berry, Candy Rose and Lilac Pink.

Clarins Joli Rouge

You can see they glow even in the swatches, but actually only the middle shade, Candy Rose has any shimmer in it.

A closer look:

Soft Berry

Clarins Joli Rouge Soft berry

Candy Rose

Clarins Joli Rouge Candy rose

Lilac Pink

Clarins Joli Rouge Lilac Pink

I really love them all, the shades are all beautiful, the finish is beautiful, the formula wears really well on my prone to dryness lips and they have lovely quality packaging.

There’s a great range of colours, I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a shade for everyone.

They are £19.50 each so a bit of an investment but they are worth it in terms of quality.  Available now from www.clarins.co.uk

*All products features received free of charge for review purposes.


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