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I really like Dove products. They are affordable, they smell nice and they generally do what they claim to do.

Now there are some new products in the range, the Purely Pampering range.
Dove Purely Pampering

There are three scents in the range, all lovely, Shea Butter and Warm Vanilla, Almond Cream and Hibiscus and Coconut Milk & Jasmine Petals. They each come in  a Body Wash, Nourishing Lotion and Body Cream.

The Body wash lathers nicely, and leaves skin clean and soft feeling and then there are the lotions and the body creams. As you would imagine, the lotion is a lighter formulation, with the cream being a heavier more moisturising formula. Although I find both very moisturising.

The nice thing about this is that the scent really lasts on them too. My favourite is the Coconut Milk & Jasmine scent, which is unfortunate as my sample appears to be a prototype or something, there was no information on the back of the bottle and I would estimate it was only about a quarter full. Still, I’m not grumbling really, because the prices are great. Definitely budget friendly. Well I assume so anyway, the Body Washes are £2.40 each.

I can only find the Body Washes in stock online at Boots at the moment, and not the lotions and body creams, but I assume they’ll be in stores soon.

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

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