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Lancome Gloss in Love

Welcome to the newest products in the Lancome cosmetics range. Gloss in Love. Lightly sparkling, extremely shiny and lovely moisturising glosses. Available in twelve shades, I’ve got two to show you. Pink Pampille (left above) and Peach Show (on the right above).

First thing is the opening mechanism. It’s a gimmick really but I love it, it just makes for something a bit different.  All you do is press the little square button and the lid pops up and you pull out the wand and off you go.

Lancome Gloss in LoveLancome Gloss in Love

I realise now I’m actually writing the post that I forgot to take photographs of the applicators but it’s sort of double sided and you use the curved side to coat the lower lip and the pointed side on the top lip. It works perfectly.

As for the colours they are gorgeous. Pink Pampille is on the left here and Peach Show is on the right. Both are lightly sparkling, with the the pink shade having just the merest hint of sparkle.

Lancome Gloss in Love

Pink Pamille:

Lancome Gloss in Love Pink Pampille

Lancome Gloss in Love Pink Pampille


Peach Show:

Lancome Gloss in Love Peach Show

Lancome Gloss in Love Peach Show
Beautiful products that deliver on all counts. They feel a bit thick on my lips and I’m not overly keen on that sensation, but the thickness lends itself to a very good wear time. They promise 6 hours… I get more like 4-5. But hey, that’s good going for a gloss!

Really like these and love the sound of Glitter Mania!

They are £20 each and available from Lancome Online.

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

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