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Ooh! Lovely product alert! No7 have just released two new Shimmer Palettes, just in time for Summer, available in Rose and Caramel. I believe I have Caramel but confusingly it has a Rose label!

So meet the No7 Shimmer Palette in Caramel (but it could be Rose!)*


No7 Shimmer Palette The palette itself is a beautiful metallic rose gold, mine doesn’t look it because its reflecting my textured ceiling and light fitting, but its really nice.

Inside are four gorgeous soft, stripes of shimmering colour.

No7  Shimmer Palette (4)The colours swatch beautifully, they are soft and they are indeed shimmery, but happily, glitter free. Below are all four shades swatched separately, followed by a larger swatch on the far right of the shades blended together.

No7 Shimmer Palette


This is a beautiful product for Summer and I actually love how this looks on my skin, it’s radiant and glowing. I would also think you could use it on your eyes, picking out the shades you wish to use with a brush, and that makes this a nice versatile purchase too.

Both shades are £13.50 each from Boots and there’s a three for two offer on at the time of writing, so go forth and shop!

*Product received free of charge for review purposes.

4 responses to “The New No7 Shimmer Palette Review”

  1. Ting says:

    Ooh this looks lovely for a subtle glow. And I’m glad t’s not glittery. I left glitter behind in the 90s and I’d like to leave it there.

    • justcharlieg says:

      haha! I can’t even believe I wore glitter gel on my face, seriously for going out in the early 90’s!

  2. Sarah Bailey says:

    What a gorgeous looking palette No7 really do seem to do things in a beautiful way.

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