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Me and tans don’t really work, natural or otherwise. The best I can get when it comes to natural tans is a light golden glow, I’m so just pale. When it comes to fake tans I’m a failure. I’ve tried everything and I always streak. Whether I use streak free formulations, exfoliate well, it really doesn’t matter. I suck at tanning!

I do have a couple of products that I use once a year at the Christmas party, namely Guerlain’s Jambes de Gazelle, it’s never flawless and I’m always grateful not to be in a well lit venue!

So when I was sent the new No7 Stay Perfect Instant Tan Lotion, I approached it with trepidation.


Available in two shades (I have Light/Medium and assume the other is Medium/Dark), this light gel lotion is designed to absorb into your skin leaving a totally streak free sheen. It’s water resistant and transfer resistant for up to 24 hours and it washes off with soap and water.



The texture is a light, cool gel and it looks alarmingly dark when you squeeze it out of the tube but I have to say I have been amazed. That blob there was far too big for the back of my hand and covered a very big area. And it was impossible to create a streak. I was so amazed when I started to blend it out. I can’t explain it other than to say it was smooth and foolproof.



Despite the yellow cast to my photographs, the colour was gorgeous and natural, you can see a clear difference on the right hand side of my photograph, so the Light/Medium shade still packs a punch.  It’s also buildable, bearing in mind how much product I used, you could probably go sheerer or heavier. I will try it out on my legs at some point, but thats something I won’t be showing here.

So anyway, from an absolute tanning dunce, I can highly recommend this, especially if you’ve just got a one off occasion you’d like a bit of glow for!

The No7 Stay perfect Instant Tan Lotion retails at £12.50 and is availble from Boots online and in stores now.

*Product Received Free of Charge for Review Purposes


4 responses to “The New No7 Stay Perfect Instant Tan Lotion”

  1. Thanks for the post and lovely product recommendation. It is now on my wishlist. Mind checking out my blog charmedchristy.wordpress.com

  2. I’m awful with fake tan too; so this might suit me x
    Laura | A Life With Frills

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