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The Christmas collection from Paul & Joe this year is so incredibly pretty! It’s one of those collections where I think I want everything just because of how good all the items look together. Actually I’ve never tried Paul & Joe before and I don’t really know why since pretty much everything I ever see on blogs and in mags makes me drool.

So this is my first foray into the world of Paul & Joe cosmetics and the first thing is, isn’t the outer packaging beautiful?

Paul & Joe Ornamental Holiday Collection

I know it’s not really the outer packaging that interests people but I had to share it because it’s so pretty. I was sent three products to try out.

First the Ornamental Pressed Powder (£22)

Paul & Joe Ornamental Pressed Powder
Paul & Joe Ornamental Pressed Powder

It is really a very beautiful item. The compact design is stunning and very worthy of pulling out for cosmetic touch ups in public places. The paler stripes within the pan of pressed powder are a little bit glittery. I’ve been sweeping a large brush over the whole thing and sweeping all over my face… a very small amount of glitter is apparent but it’s a lovely powder, soft and gentle and brightening.  For most people, the glitter probably makes it an evenings only powder, for me, I just don’t care, bring it on! Very pretty little compact.

I was also sent two of the Nail Enamels (£10.50 each). On the left is Rockin’ and on the right is Home for Christmas.

Paul & Joe Ornamental

Both of these are quite sheer, and soft, if that makes any sense but they are both pretty.

Here’s Rockin’.

Paul & Joe Rockin' nail enamel

A really pretty colour.

Home for Christmas is the one though!

paul & joe home for christmas nail enamel

Again this is sheer and the picture does not do it justice at all, it’s so sparkly and festive, love this so much. I’ve got three coats on in this picture and it’s just gorgeous.

The wear on both of these was fab, lasting 4 days before I removed because I had other polish I needed to swatch.

There are of course other gorgeous things in the Ornamental collection, I’m loving the look of the Green polish called Hallelujah, and the Self Select Eye Colour in Silent Night which looks like a delicious purple. I’ll be looking more closely at this brand in future!

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

3 responses to “The Paul & Joe Ornamental Holiday Collection”

  1. Beauty World says:

    I love the packaging of these items. Powder compact looks really vintage! So pretty!

  2. Summer Loren says:

    The packaging is always beautiful on Paul and Joe items x

  3. The pressed powder and it’s packaging are so pretty! The nail polishes look gorgeous aswell 🙂

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

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