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Paul & Joe Pearl Foundation Primer BonBon

You know that thing when you see something you really want but you dither for so long you leave it too late? That happened to me with this product, the Paul & Joe Pearl Foundation Primer BonBon. I wanted it, I dithered, it sold out. But I have to say, I hadn’t really registered that it was a Limited Edition product…and then it was too late. Until one day I was browsing the Paul & Joe section on Beauty Bay and there it was!

It’s not like I need more primer in my life. If there is one thing I don’t need more of, its Primer btu you know, I’m addicted to Paul & Joe and this looked so pretty I just felt I needed it my life. If only to look at from time to time. So in the shopping basket it went and arrived nicely packaged a few days later. I’ve mentioned Beauty Bay in the past but I really do recommend them, a fantastic range of products and great service.

Anyway I digress. I think they must have got another batch in, but it’s gone again now and I doubt it will be back, but it’s probably worth keeping an eye out because bottles of this stuff are going for far too much money on Ebay when it does occasionally crop up.

This primer is designed to go under your foundation to illuminate. Ingredients include Orange Flower Water, White Lily Extrac, Jojoba Oil and Apricot Extract with the idea that not only is it a cosmetic product but that its also a kind of skincare too.

What you’ve got is a clear gel filled with coloured beads that get crushed when you dispense the product.

Paul & Joe Pearl Foundation Primer BonBon

There are white, peach, lilac and lemon yellow pearls and I don’t think that on application they really have much in the way of colour, which is good, if they do it’s very subtle.

Paul & Joe Pearl Foundation Primer BonBon

If you enlarge the above picture you’ll see there’s quite a lot of very tiny glitter particles. It’s not terribly offensive but it is apparent. When you blend it out the sparkles are far enough apart to avoid the Cullen look, and once you’ve got your foundation on top you can’t really see any sparkle at all. You’ll probably have to enlarge this picture to see the sparkles, they are very pretty.

Paul & Joe Pearl Foundation Primer BonBon

I’m not afraid to say that when I first got this I just ear marked it for evening use only, but actually once your foundation is in place then its fine and it is indeed illuminating.  One note, in the two pictures directly above this you may see a little white bit of unblended product… looks like one of the little spheres didn’t completely crush when being pumped out so you need to take care to blend properly when you apply it.

So so happy I actually went back and managed to get this!

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