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Smile toe the world and the World smiles back, so says the saying!

Laughing Buddha was a famous monk in China, he had a legendary smile and he bought happiness and fortune wherever he went. For hundreds of years the ritual of rubbing his belly has been a symbol for good luck and prosperity.

And so with Laughing Buddha in mind the the Rituals Laughing Buddha collection was created, to bring optimism and happiness into your life!
Rituals Laughing Buddha Collection
The range has everything you could possibly need in terms of body and bathing, all of which are based on a Mandarin and Yuzu scent. I rather fancy the Mandarin Luck perfume oil and the Touch of Happiness Body Cream, oh and the Happy Mist! A Bed and body mist, yes please!

What I have tried are the Fortune Oil Shower Oil and the Mandarin Bliss 24 Hour Anti Perspirant Stick.

The Fortune Oil, is beautifully scented with Sweet Orange and Cedar, it’s warm, fruity and woody, and gorgeous. In the shower the oil transforms into a foam for washing with and it feels very moisturising. It’s a very reasonable £8 for 200ml, which I think is a decent price, it smells and feels very exotic and luxe to use.

The other item I’ve been using daily is the Mandarin Bliss Anti-Perspirant Stick. It again smells gorgeous, this time of Mandarin and Yuzu and it’s certainly been put through it’s paces this week with all this heat and combined with the fact that I’ve had a temperature thanks to a cold, but whilst the rest of me has been most definitely perspiring (sorry!), my arm pits have indeed stayed dry and sweetly scented.. This again is £8 and I must say, it’s really BIG (75ml, my usual sticks are 40ml).

From what I’ve tried, this range is gorgeous and I’m keen to try more. Nothing I’ve ever tried from Rituals has been a dud thankfully, it’s a lovely brand!

You can buy the entire range here.

*PR samples*

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