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Shavata Double-Ended Pencil

Shavata Singh boasts over 20 Brow Studios nationwide and has earned a reputation as the ultimate brow guru. Now you can buy Shavata products to keep up the good brow grooming at home. The range is fairly extensive considering it’s a range just for brows, including various types of tweezers, tamers, stencils and so on.

Today I’m showing you the Double-Ended Pencil (£8.50). Now I don’t know if the pro’s tend to use more than one colour on brows when filling them in, but for me I only ever use one colour, and in the case of this particular pencil, one of the two shades is completely wrong for me.

Shavata Double-Ended Pencil

The right hand, lighter more red-based shade is far too red for me so for me the double ended-ness of the pencil is wasted, I did try it out, and indoors it wasn’t too bad but hello! orange brows! when I went outside. So for me, I prefer to not have a double-ended pencil.

The other shade however is perfect for my colouring and allows me to fill in my brows without obvious pencil lines. The pencil itself is soft but not too soft, it just needs a light touch and you’re done, its great. It doesn’t budge at all and adds a subtle and gentle bit of definition.

Since I started using this pencil I’ve had my HD Brows done and I’m finding the darker end of the pencil isn’t giving me quite the definition I’m after any more, HD Brows are more in your face and so I’m using the HD Brows powders, but if a more natural brow is your thing this is well worth checking out as it is really perfection for that. As I say though, the two shades is a bit of a waste for me, and I only end up with half a pencil that is any good.

That said, I absolutely would shell out the £8.50 for half a pencil because the job it does is perfect.

The Shavata range can be bought from www.shavata.co.uk

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

0 responses to “The Shavata Double-Ended Pencil”

  1. I’m not familiar with the brand but I do like a good eye pencil, I love the idea of two colours as I prefer a more subtle look for day time and more dramatic colour for an evening.

  2. ihavemostlybeen says:

    If I am being ever so about my brows I use a darker pencil on the edges where there is less natural brow and a lighter one where there are brows so that the overall affect is balanced. However it is most unlikely I would draw my inner and outer edges in using an orange pencil and then complete with the more appropriate darker colour, so whilst the theory is sound the pairing is way off! was meaning to ask and am guessing you did reading this – you purchased the HD brow powders?? I have found a salon 2 mins down the road that does HD brows and am thinking that after running the GH this week whilst he has been on holiday the OH rather owes me….!

    • Charlie says:

      I didn’t purchase the HD powders BUT I do have two palettes, one came as a PR sample a long time ago and one came in a glossybox, I do use them both although I have the blonde one which isn’t perfect but does have ashy colours so I there are two I can use and two I can’t.

      I think you are definitely owed! x

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