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Angel is a polarising scent, people tend to either love it, or despise it, personally I have waxed lyrical about my love for Thierry Mugler’s Angel and its variants many times over the years and I am firmly in the love it camp. It is in fact the closest thing that I have to a signature scent, as even though I don’t wear it daily, I’ve not been without a bottle of one kind or other since about 1992. My relationship with Angel in fact pre-dates its UK launch, as I tramped from store to store asking blank-faced sales staff if they had it. None had even heard of it. Once it did land in the UK it met all my expectations and as I say, has been in my life ever since!

The newest offering from the Angel stable is the Angel Passion Star.

ANGEL Edition PassionActually the Passion Star is the original Angel Eau de Parfum in a new limited edition bottle, replacing the angelic blue with fiery, passionate red. I think it’s got “christmas present” written all over it, but also a great gift for collectors. The Angel bottles are always exquisite and highly collectable, this would be a must for any collection. It’s also refillable like many of the Angel bottles are.

Beautiful. I won’t review the scent here, but you can find my review of the Eau de Parfum, within my review of the Eau de Toilette version. I’m wearing Angel today and it is truly beautiful!

Angel Passion Star Launches on the 1st October 2015 and will be available from Mugler.co.uk

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