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I’ve not done a post like this in AGES! So here we go, here are the things I’ve been loving the most lately.

Sorry I chopped the bottom off that pitcure!

Anyway, lets have a look more closely at the things I’ve been loving! Starting with Benefit 10.

benefit 10

I’ve had this for so long and it’s lasted so well but as you can see, I’ve finally hit pan. Bronzer on one side, highlighter on the other. I use the brush included to sweep the two on in stripes and then blend out with a blusher brush. I will absolutely repurchase this.  Love it and it’s my most favourite Benefit boxed powder although it’s nearly a tie with Dandelion.

Next, another Benefit product, Girl Meets Pearl. So easy to use, not too shiny, just, pearl, for a subtle glow.

Benefit Girl Meets pearl

I reach for this at least a couple of times a week. It’s just so simple to use and subtle. I’ve previously reviewed this here so I won’t go on!

Next, another Benefit product. I’m clearly feeling the benefit love at the moment despite my utter disdain for Some Kinda Gorgeous.

Benefit High Brow

Benefit High Brow. I think this is my third one? I love this on my brow bone, waterline sometimes, corner of the eye. It’s just a handy product to have and I get through a fair few of them!

Next, Nuxe Eau Demaquillante.

Nuxe Eau Demaquillante

I was sent this sample size product by the lovely people at www.escentual.com and I’ve loved using it. In fact the bottle is empty. I’ve not used it as my main cleanser but somehow I’ve used it all up anyway. One of the problems is I clean my face downstairs (we have a downstairs bathroom and the light isn’t great) and get upstairs and sit in front of my make up mirror (with lights) and then I spot the tiny sparkles dotted all around my eyes that I’ve not managed to get off with my cleanser and hot flannel. Not especially noticeable until looking in a magnifying light up mirror… that’s when I tend to reach for the cleansing water and a cotton pad to just go over my eyes once more. Clearly I am rubbish at washing my face. Anyway I’ve loved this but I can’t find it on the the escentual site to repurchase, all I can find is this which looks similar and has a similar name but a different description. Am v. confused.  I wonder if they are the same thing… its just that the sample I have makes no mention of 3 roses…

Anyway, next, Estee Lauder Pure Colour Eyeshadows in Twilight Rose and Wild Sable.

I received these over a year ago as PR samples and blogged about them here. Although I loved the quality, I’ve not really used them much as I’ve not worn neutral shades much in the last couple of years, until recently. Twilight Rose is a soft satin finish and sadly I think a limited edition shade but Wild Sable is a lovely matte mid brown and I’ve been wearing them both a lot recently. Very nice.

Then there’s the Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation.

Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation

I was sent this sample a while ago and reviewed it here. I thought it was a lovely foundation but it didn’t suit my skin at all. I’ve tried it again since discovering the Rouge Bunny Rouge Aqua Primer and now this foundation works like a charm and I’m wearing it frequently. I love it.

Finally Chanel Rouge Coco in Perle. Sorry for the stock image, I did take one but it all came out horribly.

A very lovely colour. Its a sort of my lips but better shade but with a pearly sheen. It’s very hard to describe but it finishes off a natural look really well.

Swatches of all of the above:

Top Row – High Brow, Estee Lauder Pure Colour Eyeshadow Wild Sable and Twilight Rose.
Middle Row – Shiseido Foundation, Benefit Girl Meets Pearl, Chanel Rouge Coco Perle
Bottom Row – Benefit 10

So there we have it, my most recent loves. I’m scheduling this post a couple of weeks in advance so I’m sure it’ll have all changed by the time this goes live!

Anything there surprise you? Or take your fancy?

4 responses to “Things what I have been loving lately.”

  1. nicoletta says:

    I’d love to try the shiseido foundation as i love trying different ones and this is one thats still on the waiting list xx

  2. Jan says:

    Great selection here, I do like Benefit, I have a teeny tube of Girl Meets Pearl and was amazed at the staying power of something so liquidy. I may have to get the full size. x

  3. Larie says:

    Exciting! I don’t think I’ll ever hit pan on a cheek product >_< I'm not dedicated enough, haha.

  4. Sara says:

    Ooh I like the sound of the Chanel Rouge Coco, I’m on the look out for a good lippy, only I’m so fickle, I just can’t decide!


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