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I’ve been looking forward to Too Faced’s Spring collection for so long, it’s only a small collection, consisting of a face palette, an eyeshadow palette and a blusher, and I’d rather have liked them all…. alas I could only afford one thing and I knew it exactly what that would be months ago when I heard about this collection!

Well after my absolute adoration of the Too Faced Natural Radiance Face Palette, my pick from the Spring Boudoir collection just had to be the No Makeup Makeup Face Palette.
Too Faced No Makeup Makeup Face Palette
Too Faced No Makeup Makeup Face PaletteThere have been a few changes, in the format, but mostly it is the same as the Natural Radiance Palette. The first change, for the better, is that this palette comes in a tin. Much more hard wearing. Fab. The main difference between this and the Natural Radiance palette are the blushers, which are pink, very pink, much more so than my photographs here show, the light was quite bad on the day I took the photos. The Bronzing Veil, Concealer, Luminizer and Brightener are all at first glance the same but I can’t help but think they’ve been reformulated somehow. The Bronzing Veil is pale and golden but seems much more pigmented. And the texture of the other three seems different…but not in a bad way. They are fab.

I’ve done some hand swatches which show the  textures and the shades of pink much better than in the pans. They are shown here in the same order as they appear in the tin.

Too Faced No Makeup Makeup Face Palette

Like the Natural Radiance Palette this comes with guides for the different looks you can achieve with the palette which are very useful (for someone as inept as me anyway!). I like very much that the looks are not just in diagram form but also shown on a model. Not that I look anything like her when I’m wearing it, but you know, a girl can dream!

Too Faced No Makeup Makeup Face PaletteToo Faced No Makeup Makeup Face Palette

I’ve played with this quite a few times now and I really do love it. I’ve attempted all of the guides which are very easy to follow, and have also just had a play about doing it my own way.

For the following I roughly followed the Nude Radiance Guide.

Too Faced No Makeup Makeup Face Palette

All in all, this palette is £31 which isn’t cheap but I do really love it. As much as I thought I would. I don’t mind the duplicate products, I like having to only get one palette out to complete my face and I love the finished effect of all the looks, I wouldn’t quite call it a No Makeup look, but it’s certainly a nice fresh look which does flatter the skin.

I bought mine from BeautyBay and I highly recommend them as always.

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  1. Replica says:

    That looks great on you, I have dips in my Natural Radiance Palette so I should take that as a sign that I need to buy this one 😉

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