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Treaclemoon make beautiful bath and products at incredible prices with a range of delicious, scrummy scents.

I’m a regular buyer actually, the kids and I can’t get enough of the scents, the husband has even been known to have a go too.

What I didn’t know though was that Treaclemoon is a brand with a heart. They are officially partnered with Bulliesout, a charity that provides help and information to individuals, schools, workplaces and communities to work against bullying and encourage young people to recognise their self-worth and potential. Treaclemoon make monthly donations and have pledged to help raise further funds. A great cause I’m sure you’ll agree.

Treaclemoon kindly sent us a couple of bottles of their Bath & Shower Gel* to try out.

TreaclemoonIced Strawberry Dream is a gorgeous strawberries and cream scent, almost like ice cream and is hands down the kids favourite, but I absolutely adore Sugared Almond Tart, which smells exactly as it sounds, sweet and almondy.

It’s hard to believe but these large 500ml bottles are a brilliant £2.99 each and they last for absolutely ages. We don’t tend to use them as bubble bath, but we all use them to wash with and they are gorgeously foamy and smell incredible. You just can’t lose with these, they seem considerably more expensive than they actually are. Great products and there are lots more products in the line available, from body butters, to hand creams, be sure to check them out.

Available in Tesco Stores and Waitrose, or you can purchase online and find out more information on the Treaclemoon website.

*Items received free of charge for review purposes.

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