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Who doesn’t love Urban Decay? Not many people I know that’s for sure, and my blog stats tend to point towards my Urban Decay posts being my most popular. It’s fortunate then that I have a few more posts lined up!

Starting today with the Urban Decay Naked Skin Illuminating Beauty Balm*.

Urban Decay Illuminating Beauty Balm Urban Decay Illuminating Beauty BalmThe Illuminating Beauty Balm promises to minimise the appearance of pores, lines and wrinkles, while feeling lightweight on the kin and offering radiance. It’s oil free, which is great for my spot prone skin and can be worn alone, or under foundation if you want to add radiance in that way. It’s not only cosmetic though, it promises to also offer long term anti-ageing benefits, by way of protecting the skin from daily stress, as well as improving elasticity.

Love the packaging too, I really like how Urban Decay design fun products, that don’t lack class.

Urban Decay Illuminating Beauty BalmSqueezing some out of the tube, my first thought is that the shade looks suitable for my skin, and while I can see a slight shimmer it looked as I’d expect a product designed to give glow.

Urban Decay Illuminating Beauty BalmBlending the product out a little I start to see glitter. Not chunky glitter admittedly, but perhaps shimmer is a better word.

Urban Decay Illuminating Beauty Balm

Urban Decay Illuminating Beauty BalmUnfortunately, the same holds true when you apply to your face, look closely and you’ll see a fine sprinkling of quite obvious shimmer, all over. That said, take a step back and its no longer as obvious.


Urban Decay Illuminating Beauty BalmThanks to the hormones, my skin is a bit blemish-y at the moment so I’ve not worn this without putting foundation over the top, but wearing it in that way works really well for me. It may be something to do with the fact that I wear the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation, but these two products go together really well. That glitter/shimmer is no longer apparent but the radiance is and its really effective.

I rarely skip a highlighter these days, as my skin is lacking in radiance, but with this under my foundation I found my face isn’t as flat without a highlighter meaning I feel happy to skip that step.

It wears really well, and my foundation applies perfectly on top of the BB with no conflict. I’ve also tried it with Clarins Everlasting Foundation with the same results.

I’m not sure how happy I’d be to wear this alone, solely because of the shimmer aspect, its not densely packed with shimmer, its more sparkles dotted all over your face, but again, I may be overly critical, just take a step away from the mirror and they are not apparent at all.

Under foundation though, this is fantastic, works really well for me and wears well too on my fussy skin.

The Urban Decay Naked Skin Illuminating Beauty Balm retails at £23.50 and is available from Urban Decay online and counters nationwide.

*Product received free of charge for review purposes.




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