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Delighted to bring you this review today. The Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette.

Inspired by an oil slick, the shades and packaging are absolutely beautiful. Be warned though, if you love the look of this after my review, you’d better get it quick as its Limited Edition. I’ve dithered over too many Urban Decay palettes in the past and missed them, I’m trying to spare you the pain. Trust me.

Okay so the box is nice.

Urban Decay Vice 4 Urban Decay Vice 4 When you open up the box things get really exciting. Firstly you’ll find this zip pouch. Which sticks with the oil slick theme and is very lovely indeed.

Urban Decay Vice 4 Urban Decay Vice 4 Urban Decay Vice 4Within the zip pouch is the beautiful palette. Again with the oil slick colours. It’s gorgeous.

Urban Decay Vice 4Um, hello gorgeous. It’s a sturdy plastic palette. The next photo is just to help you gauge the size.

Urban Decay Vice 4Moving onto the contents, let’s take a look.

Urban Decay Vice 4

Okay so a little word about the palette before I start on the swatches. It is, as I’ve already said, Limited Edition, and the retail price is £43. For your money you get 20 eyeshadows and a brush, which I forgot to photograph, sorry. The brush however is worthy and I have been using it.  There entire lid is a mirror inside and it has a magnetic closure. The shadows are in a mixture of high impact colours and neutrals in a variety of finishes, most are shimmery but there are mattes, satins as well glittery shades.

Moving onto the swatches, they are all done without primer, so you can imagine that if you were to use primer you could get more oomph. I like to show shadows without primer because I believe an eyeshadow should perform without primer, and these most definitely do. I have swatched in columns, working left to right, each is just one swipe of the finger.

Starting with Bones, Framed, Discreet and Bitter.

Urban Decay Vice 4Love this column. I absolutely love Discreet (third from the left). It’s a cool toned neutral, with a tiny hint of mauve.  I’d also like to add that Bitter, the shade on the right, trebles in impact with a second swipe.

Next, Grip, Fast Ball, Grasshopper and Flame.

Urban Decay Vice 4Love these shades, but Grip, the grey and Fast Ball, the second from the left, are my favourites in the whole palette.  You can see a look I created with them at the end of the post.

Third column, Deadbeat, 1985, C-Note and Low.

Urban Decay Vice 4Love these shades also, Deadbeat is a nice black and blends well. 1985, that glorious purpley pink has a touch of duochrome-y goodness but a little bold for my conservative tastes while Low, the brown is a touch gritty thanks to the glitter but a nice shade.

Next up we have Beat Down, Underhand, Arctic and Crowbar.

Urban Decay Vice 4Wow. Okay Beat Down (first on the left) is beautiful, it has a stunning shimmer in a bright violet that makes it look illuminated, actually the same can be said of Underhand (second from the left) and Arctic (third from the left) each of these is so full of dimension, they glow. Crowbar however, as you can see from my swatch is full of chunky glitter. I’m not sure how best to apply this without considerable fall out, I suspect a primer and patting motion would be most successful. Its a beautiful olive green shade.

And finally, Pandemonium, Harlot, Robbery and Delete.Urban Decay Vice 4These shades are amazing. Firstly I’m going apologise for my picture of Harlot, both in the pan and in the swatch, I just couldn’t get my camera to co-operate with this shade which is a huge shame as its beautiful. While it looks frosty lilac in my photograph, its actually much more special in the flesh, it has a pink tone to it it goes beautifully with all the other shades in this column. All of which I love.

This is a beautiful palette, and one that should please both neutral and colour fans alike. The performance of all the shadows is good to excellent with no obvious duds. The glitters are hard to work with, but still beautiful and they wear well, and of course, with a primer, they stay put all day. I’ve had a little play with all of the shadows now, and with apologies for the low quality photo, this has been my favourite look so far. Excuse the crazy eyebrow!!!

Urban Decay Vice 4

Discreet as a base, grip in the outer corners and Fast Ball blended in. I’m fairly sure I added a few others into the mix as well, but those are the ones I definitely recall.

Absolutely love this, and highly recommend, but move fast if you want one for yourself!

The Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette is £43 and available from www.urbandecay.co.uk/

*Palette received free of charge for review purposes.

32 responses to “Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Review and Swatches”

  1. Looks like a beautiful set, I love that oil slick theme! Lovely range of colours too.

  2. Wow, this palette looks incredible! I’m writing my Xmas list and this bad boy is going straight on there – that packaging is gorge!

    Lottie xx


  3. Oh god these colours are beautiful and that packaging is amazing! i cant get over it


  4. Tori Gabriel says:

    Oh my God, the packaging makes this! I almost don’t care what’s inside it!

  5. I love this. My favs are deadbeat, 1985 and Arctic.

    • justcharlieg says:

      The colours are so gorgeous aren’t they! Grasshopper is quite special too, I don’t really get on with greens but I wish I did!

  6. Sarah Bailey says:

    Ok hands up I would buy that just for the packaging it is so beautiful <3. Love the eye shadow colours as well (but totally secondary to the packaging I'm so bad!) x

  7. StressedMum says:

    This looks lovely from the packaging to the colours x

  8. Ickle Pickle says:

    What a lovely palette – it would make a great present. Love the colours. Kaz x

  9. I really like the look of the neutral shadows in this palette xxx

  10. I have yet to purchase an urban decay palate but I am obsessed with the range of colours and have never seen such beautiful packaging it is so edgy!

  11. This palette is gorgeous!!! I love the look of grasshopper but not sure how it’d look on my eyes :/

  12. Daniella says:

    Oh wow how beautiful is this! I’m not sure I would want to use it. I adore green and purple eyeshadow so this is definitely going on my Christmas list.

  13. Loving the swatches on you. The colours looks amazing.

  14. Rachel says:

    It is an absolutely beautiful palette from the design to the shades x

  15. Jessica says:

    This palette looks amazing, I love the colours! 🙂

  16. Rachael says:

    oh they are gorgeous! i love the cerise colour!!

  17. Laura says:

    Oh hello, beautiful! I wish I could afford this gorgeous palette, but alas I cannot. Lucky, lucky you for having it in your life 🙂

  18. Charlene says:

    I love Urban Decay palette, this looks looks great. I love a few of the shades but as I don’t like all of them the prices is too high for me.

  19. I love Urban Decay products, their eyeshadows always have such great pigment and this palette is gorgeous!

  20. replica says:

    Love the look you have created. I was thinking the shades would be too bright for me but it looks like quite a good mix so I’ll check this out x

    • justcharlieg says:

      Yes I think its got a good balance of shades in it. I love pinks and always try and incorporate them into my looks if I can, but not all pinks suit me. There are some beautiful shades in this one for sure!

  21. Lovely colours, I really like this palette. I like the harlot and discreet shades I just wish I could afford it!

  22. I love urban decay eyeshadows, I find they have great staying powering even with my greasy lids!

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