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I’m so thrilled this feature is still running, as regular readers will know for a while back there I was afraid it was the end, in fact I did a couple of final posts, but fortunately we’re still going and I have a few more people lines so this is good!

This week I’m welcoming the lovely Vijaya from http://fiercenerditude.blogspot.com/.  One of the best blog names ever. 🙂

So without further rambling from me, lets crack on.
So lets start with some easy questions!

Can you talk me through your daily skin care regimen, which products you use and why?
I change things around a lot, so pinning down one cleanser is hard. Right now I’m trying out this Asian one that I literally started with two days ago, so I’m hesitant to recommend it just yet, but it’s creamy, it does the job and it smells like peach. Total win so far!

I’m inconsistent with toners, just because I tend to doubt their necessity, but I do use them sometimes just for the sheer luxury. At those times, my toner of choice is 100% Pure’s Organic Peppermint Green Tea Facial Toner: it feels really minty and refreshing, so it’s great for the summertime!

For moisturizer, I generally go for my CeraVe, because they make an excellent no frills moisturizer that delivers a great deal of moisture but is never too heavy. Recently I’ve been trying something new out, though. Again, I’ve only been using it a couple of days, so I’m hesitant to name it!

Also, exfoliation is a must for me. I hop around on exfoliators a lot, but right now I’m loving Origins’ Never A Dull Moment Skin Brightening Face Polisher. It exfoliates but does so while looking and smelling like jam: I have to remind myself not to cram some into my mouth each time I use it!

What shampoo and conditioner are you devoted to?
I’m unfortunate enough that I haven’t found the right ones for me just yet. *Sigh* If anyone wants to contact me with a magical shampoo/conditioner combo that’s good for curls, moisturizing, de-frizzing and cruelty free, please do. Tigi Bed Head works well, but I go through the conditioner much too fast!

What about your top three make up brands generally speaking?
I know people like to say MAC is overrated, but I really do like them. Sometimes I do think their stuff is overhyped, but I don’t think they’re bad in general! I’m also a fan of Urban Decay. If you leafed through the looks on my blog, I doubt you’d find more than one or two in which I wasn’t using a 24/7 Eye Pencil! Couldn’t live without those! Last, but not least, this is a more recent brand that I’ve tried but I like it enough that I feel comfortable putting it in here, Wet N Wild. I was sent some of their trios to review recently and I’m absolutely in awe of how good they are. It’s pretty much like the cheapness is a bonus.

Ok some specifics now!

What is your favourite foundation and why?
I have two that I tend to go between. One is MAC’s Pro Longwear, for the obvious reason: it’s wear really can’t be beat. The other is MAC’s Studio Fix Powder Plus because it’s gives me a lovely full coverage while still looking very natural.

What is your favourite mascara and why?
I’m a big fan of Bare Escentuals’ Buxom Lash mascara. It really is perfect for me. It never clumps, lengthens, gives volume. I really don’t even care about trying other mascaras at this point, because I never before thought a relationship between a girl and her mascara could be this good!

What one product do you think every cosmetic aficionado should have in their collection?
Gah! That’s a hard one! I’m going to go with a brush: The MAC 129. I can use it for contouring, blush, highlighting, powder foundation and probably some other things that aren’t immediately popping to mind. The kicker? It’s great at all of them! That’s why I own two (one for blush, one for foundation) and am thinking about getting a third just to keep around.

I love finding new blogs so please before you go, please recommend three of your favourite bloggers.
In no particular order:
Robyn of Stay Beautiful http://eyelinerandspraypaint.blogspot.com/
Phyrra of Phyrra.net http://phyrra.net/
The blogger for Vintage Makeup, who I’m fairly certain just likes to go by Vintage (and if I’m wrong about that, I’m so sorry). http://vintagemakeup.blogspot.com/

Vijaya, thanks so much for taking part. I like Mac too and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Sure there are some duff products, and some overhyped products but I think they are reasonably priced for what they are but maybe thats because I’ve bought too much Nars, Chanel and YSL in the last couple of years! haha!

Readers, don’t forget, if you’d like to take part please just drop me an email to charlie@ladyofthelane.com.

3 responses to “Vijaya’s Beauty Bloggers Best Things”

  1. VijiiS says:

    TY for doing this feature. Love your blog, and it was so awesome to get to be a part of it! =D

  2. Larie says:

    Yay for Vijaya! “Fierce Nerditude” IS a great blog name 😀

  3. december says:

    What a fab blog name!

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