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I recently told you about my visit to Visage House in Exeter, to try out CACI, the non-surgical face lift. I told all about CACI, what it is, how it feels and what results you can expect to receive.

Today I want to tell you about Visage House, Brenda Anvari’s products and about the things I learned about my skin.

When I went for my appointment I nearly didn’t spot Visage House. I actually walked past it twice…I was looking for your traditional beauty salon and I bypassed the gorgeous looking gift shop rammed full with elegant bottles and potions and jewellery.

Visage House Exeter

Then I spotted where it was and headed in to a warm welcome, offers of a drink while I filled in a form and took in my surroundings and waited for my therapist Paula.

When Paula was ready I was ushered into the treatment room which was softly lit and there, in the middle was to all intents and purposes a bed. I’m sure it was the usual type of couch, but there was no mistaking the the big thick pink polka dot duvet. I was asked to remove my top, and shoes and to pull my bra straps down so that my shoulders and upper chest were uncovered, and then I hopped into bed and was tucked in. Very cosy it was too! Considering it was a very hot day, I didn’t feel at all hot. I don’t quite know how that worked, but the temperature was just dandy.

The last time I had a facial (at another salon), it was so hot and stuffy I left with a horrific migraine. This was absolutely fine. And I might add very comfortable.

So Paula asked me if I had any concerns about my skin, and I saw the opportunity to mention the bumps under my skin that have been plaguing me for so long now. I’ve tried so many things to be rid of them but nothing has worked. And in addition, I’ve never actually known what my skin type is as I never seemed to fall into any of the neat brackets. I have hormonal spots, I have dry patches around my nostrils, the bumps under my skin all around my jaw, chin and cheeks, and I’m in my late thirties so concerned about ageing.

Now I know what I am! So Paula decided to examine those bumps and told me that the contents would tell her exactly what condition my skin is in. And so she set about, well, I’m sure there’s a technical term for it, but the best way I can describe it, is squeezing. It was fairly uncomfortable at times, and she only did a few because that wasn’t why I was there. And so it is that the contents of my little bumps are hard. Which tells Paula, and me, that my skin is dehydrated, other factors, based on our discussions, also presented the us with the fact that my skin is sensitive.

This is the best picture I could find of  “the bumps”… I think you can just see my cheeks and chin aren’t smooth.

Visage House Exeter

I cannot tell you how delighted I am to learn this. I know it sounds weird to learn your skin has a few problems, but it’s not, the fact is that once you know what the problem is, you can go about fixing it. Before now I’ve been fumbling around blindly trying to treat my spots, care for the dry bits, and worrying about ageing. All of which I’ve been doing and probably making things worse in the process.

So, the way forward for me is to have a deep pore cleansing facial, in which she’ll clear out all of those blocked pores and to strip back my routine to cut out all heavy moisturisers, all anti ageing products, all spot creams, just everything and go right back to basics with the most simple products… and then and only then, when my skin is clearer and less bumpy and reactive, then start adding in anti ageing products where necessary. And of course, the recommended products are Brenda Anvari products.

Now Brenda Anvari is the owner of Visage House, but for many years Brenda worked for Elizabeth Arden, training therapists all over Europe, before moving with Elizabeth Arden to New York to look after their US Salons, train all new therapists and to develop new treatments and so she bought a great wealth of experience and knowledge with her when she opened her own salon in Exeter. Along with the salon is a great range of products, for your skin, for your body and for scenting your home. And what I’ve tried is so beautiful I’m convinced enough to be ditching everything I’ve previously used.

Brenda Anvari

Brenda Anvari
I was lucky enough to be sent home with the Skin Tonic and the skin serum, both of which I’ve only been using for a week now but so far so good. The Skin Tonic is a floral water toner to balance and stimulate the regeneration process, it’s also calming and so perfect for my sensitivities. 100% pure, no added ingredients, . No parabens. Gorgeous rose product my skin loves. I’ve been naughty, very rarely toning, now I’m religiously toning twice a day. This is £15.95.

Then there’s the fab Skin Serum which is also rose, it’s a perfectly clear gel form, that feels slightly sticky when I apply it but absorbs so quickly into my skin it fails to cause any issue. It’s all free and infused with antioxidants and essential oils and seems to be calming a my skin quite well. After my pore clearing and and CACI, I did suffer quite an outbreak (because I have reactive and sensitive skin and it was also that time of the month) and I believe the two products I was sent home with have really helped to calm the break out also.

I can’t afford to replace my whole regime with Brenda Anvari’s products, yet so I will be replacing one by one as and when I can afford it, so at the moment am reaching for the most basic bits in my collection to compliment the above two products, and I’m giving away anything fancy, rich, full of ingredients I don’t need. I’ll also be back in to the Salon for my Deep Pore Cleansing Facial.

Regarding the skincare products used on me during my facial, I must give special mention to the Sicilian Lemon cleanser which smelled and felt wonderful,  and also the Facial Exfoliating Cleanser.  Stunning.

And before I round up this super long post I must also give mentions to the body care line, I was given an arm and hand massage using a body cream which comes in several stunning varieties, I opted for Pomegranate, Raspberry and Patchouli (as stunning as  I thought it would be), but other options included Lime, Mandarin and Grapefruit, Orange Blossom, Persian Rose and Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Black pepper. The last one is what I’ll choose next time!

Finally there is also a beautiful range of home fragrance products in all of the above scents and Cranberry, Orange and Cinnamon…. I’m thinking they will make wonderful Christmas Presents.

Whilst those of you not local to Exeter can’t very easily go along to Visage House for a treatment (if you are local, you should) but should any of the products take your fancy, you can buy them all from the Visage House website. Delivery is a hefty £6.25 per order, but I understand that all items are sent by courier.

Amazing. My skin is already seeing the benefits and when I move house (have I mentioned I’m moving imminently??) then I’m going to ensure the house is beautifully scented too.

*Disclosure – products mentioned were received free of charge*

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