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Vivo Cosmetics Shimmer Block

I’ve not tried any Vivo Cosmetics for ages now so it was a surprise when these two popped through my letter box the other day. Meet the Vivo Shimmer Block Blusher and Shimmer Block Bronzer.

Vivo Cosmetics Shimmer Block

Now the last time I dipped into the world of cheap shimmer bricks/blocks, they were very soft very pigmented and VERY metallic cheek making. Not a look I love especially so I approached these with trepidation.

I needn’t have worried, these are shimmery and they are pigmented but I can report that in the case of the blusher this is a definite hit. Dare I say that they are a very similar texture to the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks? Yes I do dare say it, because it’s true. Only a hell of a lot cheaper. Try £3.99.

Now I’ve not swatched each stripe individually because, although pretty, no one actually picks out individual shades to wear do they? If I’m wrong and you’d love individual stripe swatches please let me know, I’d be happy to do them!

Instead, here’s how the blusher looks on me.

Vivo Cosmetics Shimmer Block

The next picture really makes me laugh, my hair is insane and I’ve got cross eyes but hey, look at my rosy cheeks!

Vivo Cosmetics Shimmer Block

It’s a really lovely blusher and I’d happily pay more than the £3.99 it costs. I have to confess I’ve not tried out the Bronzer and I’m not sure I will, I don’t do shimmery bronzers at all, in fact I rarely do bronzers!

But there you have it. The blusher definitely gets my seal of approval and I’m sure the bronzer is probably up to the same standard!

Get them HERE

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One response to “Vivo Cosmetics Shimmer Block Blusher & Bronzers”

  1. I really rate VIVO. I haven’t tried these yet but they’re very similar to the Famous Makeup shimmer bricks, which I do have a few of. Since VIVO and Famous are both made by FB Beauty Ltd (along with MUA, Accessorize and Look) I’d hazard a guess that the VIVO ones are pretty similar to the Famous ones. Either way, £3.99 is a fantastic price compared to Bobby Brown! x x

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