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I love Badger products. I love the packaging, I love the ethos and I really love the products. Great products that do what they are supposed to, with no fuss, but with lovely ingredients and whimsical, handbag sized packaging. What’s not to love!

I just received the cutest little gift from them, with fab products ideal for the Winter so I wanted to share with you today.

Badger Balms Seriously how cute is that? Inside was the most lovely postcard too.

Badger BalmsOf course the box didn’t just hold a gorgeous postcard, inside were several of Badger’s best products for winter months, and I’m so grateful for them as there isn’t one I can’t use.

Badger Balms Badger BalmsAnd actually I missed one little item in my box so that’s got a photo of its own.

Badger Balms

Aromatic Chest Rub £4.99 Love Lula

The Aromatic Chest Rub couldn’t have arrived at a better time! Every single person in this house has a cold at present, and this natural product is suitable for the whole family. You can use it as a chest rub, or add it hot water for an inhalant. We’ve been using it rubbed on chests to help ease breathing and aid relaxation. It contains Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Ravesara and Tea Tree. Brilliant stuff and the ritual of rubbing it into my kids chests reminds me very much of being cared for by my parents when I was a child <3

Badger Balm for Hardworking Hands £4.99 Graftons Beauty

I can’t, in all honesty, say my hands are hardworking…but I can truthfully say they are not loving the winter weather much, they feel dry and my cuticles are not at all pretty, which is always the first sign of dryness in my hands. Badger Balm is a brilliant product. It’s very rich and very moisturising, making ideal for even the dryest of hands, even those that are cracked (ouch!). The scent is unisex, and is lightly scented with Sweet Birch and Wintergreen. This has gone straight in my handbag for use when I’m out and about. It’s great for all sorts of skin problems, but very gentle.

Sleep Balm £4.99 Graftons Beauty

Oh I needed this so much! My sleep is dire at the moment. I’ve tried everything, warm baths, milky drinks, breathing… but my sleep is still crap. And actually this doesn’t help me sleep much better but the aim is to use aromatherapy to calm the thoughts and clear the mind, making sleep easier to come by. I’m a firm believer in aromatherapy and always have lavender oil to hand so I am delighted to add this to my sleep ‘tool box’. Rosemary clears,  the mind, Bergamot is uplifting, Ginger is strengthening while Lavender is relaxing. It smells out of this world! If you can’t sleep because you can’t shut your active brain down, try this out!

Seabuckthorn Hair Oil £17.99 Superdrug Online

I’m no stranger to the bleach and as such my hair is a little damaged. I say a little but actually it’s really quite unhappy. So a hair oil is perfectly timed! You apply this to your hair and leave on for at least an hour but preferably overnight, comb it through first, then wash out as usual. I love that if you’re short on time or don’t want to sleep on oily hair, you have the choice of just leaving it in for an hour. Seabuckthorn Oil aids in collagen production, but also there’s some Apricot Oil which really penetrates the hair, and Pomegranate Oil which has high levels of antioxidants as well as promotes regeneration. I’ve not tried this yet, but I will do so soon, it smells glorious.

Highland Mint Lip Care £2.49 Bath & Unwind

Last but not least is the Highland Mint Lip Balm, I like the Badger lip balms, this isn’t my first and I’m quite fussy, it’s minty which I like, and its active ingredients include Olive Oil, Beesewax and Aloe. Again this one is in my handbag, and I apply it every time I go out to product my lips from dryness. They get dry so easily so I use balm as a preventative rather than a treatment and this works a treat!

I would recommend Badger products to absolutely anyone, they work an absolute treat.

*All products were received free of charge as a gift.

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