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With my recent passion for all things brow related it’s fantastic to try out a new product (to me) particularly one from a little known company.

So I’m introducing Wow! Brows. A small online shop with just a handful of brow products, including Eyebrow Gels, Stencils, Lash and Brow Rejuvenator and the Eyebrow Powders.

Powders that come in five shades, Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Soft Black. These claim to give a rich colour pay off, be water resistant and contain no mineral oil.

I was recommended the Medium Brown shade as I specifically requested a brown that had the least red in it.

Unfortunately I dropped mine, twice, before I even got to test it, I’m so annoyed at myself. I’m still using it though, it just doesn’t look as pretty as it should for the photographs.

Wow! Brows Eyebrow Powder

Wow! Brows Eyebrow Powder
The first thing I want to say is that I realise the above powder does look quite red toned but it really isn’t. Because it’s been so dark and rainy lately I’m struggling to get accurate colours with my camera, but the swatch came out a little more accurate.

Wow! Brows Eyebrow Powder

I’m loving this. The beauty of it really is that you can build up for a darker deeper shade or apply gently for a touch of colour. It suits my HD Brows very well indeed.
Wow! Brows Eyebrow Powder

Once in place it stays put all day with minimal fading, only coming off when I wash my face. Fantastic.

I have to make the obvious comparison, how does it compare to the HD Brow powders? Well I prefer it, despite the fact that mine is mostly dust thanks to my dropping it, there’s less powder fall out, the colour match is perfect for me and I find the application a breeze.

It comes with a little brush which I didn’t get on too well with, it was a bit chunky for me, so I’ve been using with my Japonesque Brow Brush and the combination is perfect.
Wow! Brows Eyebrow Powder
So if you like the sound of this, you can get your own for £15 (well worth it in my humble opinion) from www.wow-brows.net

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

0 responses to “Wow! Brows Eyebrow Powder Review”

  1. liloo says:

    perfect shade of brown. £15 sounds a little bit expensive at first but this baby is going to last you years. We need you to restore it to its full beauty though. I’ve seen a tutorial on a blog about restoring broken eyeshadows, i’ll try to find it for you. if i had this, hell, this would be going on my lid, brows, lower lashline, everywhere!

    • Charlie says:

      Exactly, it will last an extremely long time. I know I can press it with alcohol or somthing, I’ll have a google myself xx

  2. I’m so envious of your brows! The powder sounds great, I’ll definitely consider it once i’ve finished my HD brow kit and Browzings.

  3. Nazia @ MascaraMagic! says:

    Your eyebrows are looking fantastic. I may look into this.

    Thank you for the review!

  4. Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger says:

    Your brows look lovely!

  5. Anonymous says:

    i love these products have a salon we stock them for £14 each add us on facebook an private message for more info Danielles HairandBeauty

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