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Ok, I know we’ve all seen millions of reviews about this product. I personally have seen quite a few negative reviews and almost all of them have had a bad experience because they’ve not used it properly. I thought it might be helpful to do a sort of how to post. Now, I’ll say from the off that I really do like this product, it leaves my lips flake free and soft, but I do have reservations but I’ll go into that later.

The cost. It’s £4.99. I don’t think thats much tbh. It lasts a really long time.

Opening for the first time. It will no doubt have sugar around the rim. Run your finger all around the outside of the pot and clean it all off. Then use whats on your finger. Thats the outside of the pot cleaed up. Next time you use it, squish it all down in the pot firmly and that should sort any overflow/mess.

Using the stuff. Don’t scoop. you don’t need to. I’ve seen reviews where people are complaining that it drops off their lips and fingers. I saw a review which featured a picture of lips covered in the stuff (way way way too much). General complaints about messiness and so on. So to use, simply press your finger firmly on to the top of the product. What sticks to your finger is more than enough. I promise. Like this:


Thats it. That’s enough for one lip.  It’s firmly stuck to my finger, no mess. Scrub it in and repeat for the other. Lick off whats left. And thats where I have reservations. I’ve seen people complaining about how repeating it several times a day would be bad for their teeth and diet. Once or twice a day should be adequate. However, what I’m totally not getting is the licking off bit. I’ve always though licking your lips wasn’t good advice since it’s drying. Maybe that’s just an old wives tale I don’t know, but licking your lips doesn’t seem the best idea for dry lips. I’ll carry on using this because I do like it, but I doubt I’ll buy again since I think licking it off aggravates flakiness….clever trick Lush! Ooh my lips are so flaky better buy some more scrub!

Totally unrelated but look at these beauties:

Thank you Graham.xx


12 responses to “Yes. Another Lush Lip scrub review. With a difference.”

  1. Kelly/PlaneBeauty says:

    I used it just like you do, all you need is a little bit for the top and bottom lip and your all good to go! I use the scrub once in the morning and once before I go to bed and I wipe it off with a baby wipe. Don’t like the thought of licking it off very much

    Yummy chocolates!

  2. Saimese says:

    Haha, that is indeed a good trick on Lush’s part. I like how you’ve included a picture of just how much scrub you need for one time. The points on people using too much of the scrub, which is why they don’t like it, were helpful as well!

    Question though.. can’t you just brush off the sugar? Or is it really sticky & is licking really necessary?

  3. miss.tammy says:

    Sounds good, I have to have it =)… The chocolate with the birds on is so pretty!

  4. Lady Gray says:

    Kelly – baby wipe is a good idea. I lick, automatically mostly, but I’d rather not!

    Saimese – yes you could actually – I’m sure it would brush off but I think you’d be left with a bit of sticky residue.

    miss tammy – it’s nice stuff mostly xx

  5. Nooberella says:

    meh, aint you better off just rubbing sugar into your lips, thats all it is really aint it?!

    those chocs look FAB! mine were some tesco basics =0/ but hey ho the thought was there lol! xx

  6. Lady Gray says:

    No. the sugar wouldn’t stick and I like products to smell nice, plus I think the jojoba oil helps to soften 🙂

    All choccy is good!

  7. Doughnuts! That’s what it reminds me of…..I wipe off the excess sugar with a piece of tissue or kitchen roll. Could that work?

    I’ll be avoiding on the basis that I can’t be doing with lip products that taste/smell of food:( Maybe I’m just weird. lol

  8. Sparklz and Shine says:

    Sorry, also meant to say, that I think your right about liking your lips being dehydrating. I think it’s because the moistue then evaporates and takes even more moistue from your lips with it. x

  9. Laura - Emerald Green 88 says:

    I think it’s bad to lick your lips because when the saliva on your lips evaporates (lovely) it takes moisture from your lips with it!

    I love Hotel Chocolat, you’re a lucky lady!


  10. LionLovingTiger says:

    Haha I might have got carried away when I first got it but I’m not complaining – tasted great and left my lips super soft – no dryness at all. I have found though that I don’t need to use as much now because my lips are generally in better condition – and you’re right, using a tiny amount is less messy.


  11. Bicky says:

    Mm that Bubblegum one looks soo nice. Damn you. 😛 I def want it now. And are those chocolates? WANT.

  12. Lady Gray says:

    I’ve still got a couple left if you want one 😉

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