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Yes to Blueberries

After a win with the Yes To Carrots Body Butter I was offered a chance to try a few products from the Yes To Blueberries range which unlike it’s vegetable based siblings appealed to me just because of the fruity name.

I’m still taking great care to not mess my skin around too much and to use products that are silicone free and as natural as possible and the Yes to Blueberries range meets that criteria.

The bits I was sent  are the Intensive Firming Repair Moisturiser, the Intensive Firming Eye Repair Cream and the Brightening Towelettes.

Blueberries are famously anti-oxidant rich and those combined with some special active ingredients can really help fight the signs of ageing. Also included in the range  are Paracress Flower and Cotton Thistle to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, promote collagen production and improve the skins elasticity. The entire range is 95% natural, paraben free, petroleum and SLS free.

First up the Brightening Towelettes, these are £7.99 for 30. Blueberries and coconuts to cleanse, remove make up  and moisturise all in one. We all know that wipes are a poor excuse for cleaning your face properly but I think many of us know how it feels to just not be bothered once in a while. I certainly don’t use these every day, but I’ve tended to reach for them on nights where I’m ill or exhausted and not wearing a tonne of make although I have to say they do a great job of removing make up as well. I really like these and they are perfect for having when you really really CBA to wash your face properly. These smell lovely, leave only a little residue on the skin, and what is left behind feels moisturising and lovely, rather than leaving my skin feeling tight. I would definitely consider repurchasing these as I do like to have wipes to hand just in case.

Next the Intensive Firming Repair Moisturiser £19.99 for 50ml. It’s actually not as cheap as I thought it’d be for some reason but it’s worth it. My skin is the clearest it’s been in a long long time. I can’t say for sure it’s this as I’m using a cocktail of products at the moment and still loving my Origins skincare, but this is my day moisturiser of choice at the moment, it feels light and absorbs quickly but seems to be coping very well with my winter dry patches, i.e. there are none. My skin looks great and this is at least partially responsible. I am not sure my lines are reduced, they might be, but over all my skin is looking healthier and plumper. Very happy to keep using this one well worth the price tag. There is one negative though, my neck does not like this at all and if I ever sweep my hands down over my neck I get spots. Spots on my neck. I don’t know why this is, its a bit odd, but its no problem for me really, I use a different cream on my neck and so long as it doesn’t give me spots on my face I’m happy. I think this highly likely to be me being odd, rather than the product, it would make no sense that my face loves it, my neck doesn’t!

Finally the Intensive Firming Eye Repair Cream £19.99 for 15ml. Again a lovely light product, quickly absorbed that smells nice and keeps my eye area looking pretty good, I’m not sure my lines are reduced but there is a general improvement to the whole area which I think is hard to pinpoint, but it is regardless, better. I’m not sure yet how it compares with my Origins Plantscription but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend either.

This is pretty pricey I think and I think the packaging could be a little fancier for the price. I think the plastic dispensers (which are pumps) have a sort of cheapness about them (not in a bad way) which would lead me to think the products were around half the price that they actually are. Don’t get me wrong, the packaging is really attractive, I’m just not sure it matches the prices of the products. That said, don’t judge a book by it’s cover and all that, the products inside the containers are fabulous (and again I do like the containers!!) and I highly recommend them.

*Dislosure – PR Samples*

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  1. Ladymoonlight says:

    could you tell me a bit more about the eye cream? I mean do you think it would be suitable for very dry skin in the undereye area? I’ve got a huge problem getting the right eye cream cause they are either too greasy (these feel comfortable, but they ruin my make-up) or they leave the undereye area dry and wrinkled (which I obviously hate even more)

  2. Charlie says:

    Hi Ladymoonlight,

    The cream is light but moisturising… I would hate to be responsible for you wasting your money on this if it wasn’t right for you, but it’s certainly not greasy at all, is quickly absorbed and I can’t see how it would cause you any bother, but I don’t have this problem myself so I can’t say for sure, sorry that’s not more helpful, my only hesitation would be that it wasn’t quite moisturising enough for you… x

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