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My YSL passion goes on unabated and I bought myself this little beauty in the House of Fraser Sale. The usual price for these Golden Glosses are £22 but there were a few, including the Holiday collection shades that were down to approximately £14, and at my local counter they had loads left. The shade I grabbed is No. 45 – White Gold Opal.

YSL Golden Gloss 45 - White Gold Opal
YSL Golden Gloss 45 - White Gold Opal

A pale, largely clear base packed full of tiny pinky/purpley/bluey shimmer. I have to admit although it looks beautiful in the tube it also was a bit of a gamble as it looked potentially terrifying. I’m thinking pale 80’s frosty look lips if it turned out fairly opaque. Actually it turned out to be much nicer than that but first here are a couple of hand swatches. The first has really caught a lot of reflection and confirmed my fears, the second, is reassuring.

YSL Golden Gloss 45 - White Gold Opal
YSL Golden Gloss 45 - White Gold Opal

And on the lips (the first is out of focus and shows the sparkle):

YSL Golden Gloss 45 - White Gold Opal
YSL Golden Gloss 45 - White Gold Opal

Not so scary really and to see it in full context here’s my face. Actually unless you’re close, it’s just a pale pinky gloss.

YSL Golden Gloss 45 - White Gold Opal

Not at all scary. The formula doesn’t let it down either. So still I’ve yet to try a YSL product I don’t love. The formula for this is not too sticky, not at all gritty and long wearing (by gloss standards). It smells nice too, without being heavily scented.

I’m not a big gloss wearer as a rule, but I can never resist buying a pretty one and this definitely is. A real sale bargain although probably worth the full price in terms of quality.

0 responses to “YSL Golden Gloss 45 – White Gold Opal”

  1. Old Cow says:

    Oh that is a beautiful gloss!

  2. liloo says:

    gorgeous colour, and what a bargain!
    liloo xx

  3. That is really nice! I love wearing gloss

    • Charlie says:

      It’s a beauty! I’m on the fence about glosses, I keep buying them but I don’t love them lol! I just like looking at them!

  4. Mim says:

    Bargain! I’m a predominant gloss wearer, might have to look into the YSL glosses! x

  5. lovethescents says:

    Beautiful colour, and I’m sure it will look wonderful layered over lipsticks. I’m curious, though, since it’s got a bluish tint, do you find it makes teeth look yellower?

    • Charlie says:

      No no not at all! Blue tints tend to make my teeth much whiter… it’s orangey shades that are just horrific for my teeth!

  6. lovethescents says:

    Really?! Fascinating! Thanks for your reply

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