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Ha! If ever there was a book for me it was this one, Mutton by India Knight.  With less than a year to the ripe old age of 40 with my love of make up and Topshop, I often wonder if I qualify for the title mutton. I mean what do people see when they see this wrinkled old face (I’m only slightly exaggerating…) sauntering into the playground  to collect her kids, wearing Nike Blazers and slightly too much make up for the school run?


With that in mind, Mutton is a book that made me roar with laughter! Although really it’s about women about ten years older than me there was still plenty for me to identify with… to botox or not to botox for starters. The absolute highlight of the book though is the prologue. A checklist of signs that you are getting older. Many of which I recognise. Particularly inexplicably saying “oof” every time you sit down or stand up, as though its a massive effort.

So, Mutton is about Clara Hutt who has featured in previous novels by India Knight. This time addressing the issue of age and whether to age gracefully or to age with a little bit of help.

Its a great read, and it’s well written book although certainly not a literary classic, and there’s plenty of India Knight’s sharp wit. Seriously, though, if you’re fast approaching 40 or beyond this is well worth a read for the prologue alone.

Very good….now, where’s number of my local botox clinic?

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